International Group Participation

I plan on applying for the IAC as part of the Sub-Committee. This will be the main international group I join, since it will definitely be the most time consuming. I want to join this group because I know that it will satisfy every aspect of international life I wish to be involved in. The Sub-Committee helps out at all of the cultural events on campus, doing everything from serving food to participating in the events themselves. I can be temporarily immersed in different cultures and even get some language practice during the French (and perhaps Brazilian) events. I hope to make international friends with the help of OU Cousins. Being the former Prime Minister of French Club at my high school, I also wish to join OU’s French Club. Depending on whether or not I decide to take Arabic, the Arabic Flagship program would be a great resource to constantly practice my Arabic skills and learn the culture of those in Arabic-speaking countries. The final groups I may join are the International Business Association and perhaps CESL, but I do not want to stretch myself too thin. CESL gives me valuable teaching skills that I could use to my advantage when applying for a Fulbright scholarship my senior year; however, this only applies to the Fulbright for teaching abroad, and I am still unsure of what I want to use my Fulbright toward.

First Blog Post!

Hello and welcome to my global engagement blog! This is the nifty area where I will be posting all manner of tales and musings from my journey towards becoming a more global citizen. I have been given a wonderful opportunity by the University of Oklahoma and its College of International Studies to widen my perspective of the world and I plan to make full use of this good fortune. The scholarship awarded to me will allow me to travel and study abroad at least twice in my academic undergrad career at OU, as well as participate in international events and spread to others the immense knowledge I will gain along my journey.
As a freshman at OU, I am currently undecided in my major, but I know that I want a career working with and helping people. I feel as if I have a natural ability to make connections with people, and something that I want to do with my life is make people feel special. I find that I am at my happiest when I am making others happy. I really love psychology, and I may decide to pursue such a major, but I want to play the field a little bit and get a better feel for what my options are before I make a definitive decision.
My first opportunity for studying abroad is coming up this summer, and I am currently thinking about the Journey to Tanzania program. Recently a new opportunity arose that could mean a trip to Mexico and Brazil this summer reserved specifically for Global Engagement Fellows (GEFs for short), and I am also strongly considering that option. The possibilities are truly endless at the University of Oklahoma, and I am so excited for my journey to begin!