The Graphic Language of Contemporary Iran Event

Today, I attending the lecture about art and graphic design/language in Iran. The speaker they brought in is a professor at OSU, and his designs are apparently focused on globalization. I thought that was a really cool idea, using art to express the effects of globalization! The speaker said the culture of Iran is very different from cultures surrounding it. This opened my mind a little, because I think I’ve always thought of Iran as simply part of the Middle East, and I’ve thought of all Middle Eastern countries as basically the same. I realized this is a pretty close-minded view. All countries have unique cultures, and even various cultures within their society. He then went into some of the history of Iran and how it affected art. With every Iranian design he showed us on his Powerpoint, he added that the art took a lot of work and skill. This really made me appreciate Iranian artists and Iranian culture in general. He also talked about how Iranian artists kind of created certain artistic concepts we use all the time today, such as painting humans in a full body shot. This was surprising to me. I did not know Iran was the birthplace of some of these concepts. Pretty cool!