New Update on Current Plans

Hi all! So, unfortunately, my plans for this summer have completely changed. My Arezzo trip was cancelled due to a lack of people signing up :( I am very disappointed,  and was discouraged for awhile about continuing with the Global Engagement Program at all. There have been many uphill battles as I have been trying to organize and plan my trips. However, as of right now, I am still going to continue with the program and simply push back my summer trip to next summer or the summer after! Also, my current plan involves spending next spring semester abroad. I have narrowed down a school I really like: The University of Aberdeen in Scotland! The only nerve-wracking thing about this whole plan is my semester abroad will be my very first time out of the country, since I am not taking a trip abroad this summer. However, I think everything will still work out fine! I just have to continue to keep an open mind and think about how exciting it will be finally getting to travel and dive into another culture.