My views on being an international student

Like Jaci said, international students have many unique challenges and experiences when they come to America. Some might not know English very well, this may be their first trip away from home for an extended period of time, or, sadly, they may even have to deal with racial prejudice while in America. As I think about my day, I wonder what would be different if I were an international student living the same experience. Since I am a music student, and since I believe music is a universal and binding art, I’d like to think playing in ensembles would be relatively similar and it would still touch me on an emotional level to play my instrument in a different country. However, I think some aspects of my day would be vastly more difficult. For starters, I do not think I would have as easy of a time in class. I do not think I would develop as close of a relationship with my professors or my peers. From what I’ve observed of international students in my own classes, it is difficult to break that cultural barrier and treat an international student the same as they would be treated at a University in their own country.  For some, I do not know if they every feel truly comfortable or make many friends. This makes me nervous for my future study abroad experience. This also inspires me to make the international students in my classes feel welcome, because I know I will be in their shoes soon and will be wishing for someone to reach out to me. I also feel as though, as a musician, I would be very interested in how Americans treat musical ensembles, how the pieces they play are different, and how they interpret music differently. This makes me excited for my study abroad experience, especially if I wind up taking music classes, private lessons, or playing in an ensemble. I feel as though my horizons would be opened up and I could experience music like never before.