My Experience with “Culture Shock” in College

When I first moved to Norman for college, I think I definitely experienced culture shock. It was my first time living by myself, and none of my friends from high school had come to OU. I think I experienced shock when I was left alone with my roommates for the first time, and they were all freaking out over rush week. I am not in Greek life and do not really take an interest in it, so to be surrounded by people who were was a little shocking. It was also extremely weird to be eating meals alone, or simply having to be in my dorm alone. I was so used to having family around me all the time, so that was definitely a big change. I think one of the hardest parts about moving to college was learning to be alone. I will admit, I actually got a little depressed during the first semester. I bet international students do as well, which makes me even more eager to make them feel welcome here in America. However, I think the most rewarding aspects of college life so far have branched from some of the most difficult. Now that I have been forced to learn how to be alone and take care of myself, I think I have greatly matured and have a much greater sense of independence, which, to me, is what college is all about. I’m sure I will feel even more so after my study abroad experience.