Farsi Friday

This past Friday was my very first time attending Farsi Friday in Kaufman Hall! I’ll be honest, what initially got me interested in it was the line “join us for cake and tea”. I always get excited when trying foreign foods. I’ll be honest again: I did not know what Farsi was when I came in. I know I sound terribly uninformed, but I had no idea Farsi was a language. I just came for the food. However, once I figured out Farsi Friday was about more than free food, I got to talk with the professor who runs the little group for a good 20 minutes about the language of Farsi and Middle Eastern culture in general. I was so happy to learn all this new info about the world from a brief meeting I thought was going to revolve around cake and tea. It also got me thinking about how thankful I am to be a part of the OU Global Fellows, because if that group did not give me the excuse to go to international events such as these, I probably wouldn’t make the time to do it! I’m looking forward to what other international events this semester have to offer, and I think I will be attending Farsi Friday more often :) ps. the cake and tea were really good.