reflection: on working on my digital story

How have you liked learning how to put together your digital story? What have you gotten out of Rachel’s visits? Do you think the knowledge you’re gaining is something you’ll use in the future?

Working on my digital story makes me wish I’d been more diligent in keeping a record of my travels this summer. I did journal every day on Tumblr, and I took lots of photos, but I found that I mostly took photos of things that seemed big and important and cultured. I didn’t record the little moments. My journal entries highlighted places we went and things we saw, but I didn’t quite capture all the feelings that those places and things brought me. Going back through my photos and journal entries for my digital story, I’m finding myself a little nostalgic for all the time I spent with my family there and how well we all got along there, but I think I’m happy with how the story is coming along.

Logistically, working on the story has been fun. WeVideo is surprisingly nice software to work with, and Ms. Jackson has been great with helping us learn the intricacies of the program. Recording my audio with her was a little nerve-wracking, but she helped the process go along nice and smoothly. She helped clue me into when I was talking too fast and when I sounded nervous, so I think the recording I have will work pretty well. It’ll still be cringe-y to listen to my own voice during the presentation, but I’m looking forward to hearing other’s stories. I think this whole process of creating my digital story will help me be ready for future international experiences. I hope, then, I’ll remember to look out for and record the little moments, not just the tourist attractions.