reflection: on my mid-semester meeting

How do you feel your meeting went?  Was it helpful? Why or why not? How’s your semester going so far? What goals do you have to make the second half of the semester go better? What will you do to implement them?

I enjoyed my mid-semester meeting–I felt like it was productive. I got to talk through some of my plans for my digital story, and now I know what kind of changes I should make to it before it’s a final draft. Before I record it, I’m planning to adjust my transcript to tell a more introspective story. In my draft, I focused too much on providing context and never quite got to talking about how the experience made me feel.

The meeting was also helpful in checking my general progress for the semester, and I feel like it’s going well. I have plans to attend my final international event next week, and then I will have completed my two events for this semester. As far as goals for making the second half of the semester go better, I’m going to be more proactive about spending time with my OU Cousin–I hope to initiate more plans with her and really try to get to know her, since I believe she’s leaving at the end of the semester. I want to make sure that her experience at OU has been welcoming and fun!

I also am going to try to start scoping out international organizations that I could potentially be a part of–I know there’s a Spanish Club on campus, and I think maybe joining that could help me prepare for my Spanish composition class next semester. Because my beat for The Daily is cultural/ethnic/religious groups, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to learn about and interact with some of these organizations.

The meeting was a good refresher to remind me what I need to keep in mind throughout the rest of this semester, and I’m ready to finish out the semester (and the year) strong!