reflection: my digital story

It’s finished! I presented my digital story during our last class, and I was surprisingly happy with it. It was a little nerve-wracking, and hearing my own voice in front of the whole class made me sweat a little bit, but overall, I was happy with my work. The animation went well with the music and my photos matched up with my voiceover pretty well, so I’m pleased.

The process of creating the digital story was pretty fun. I liked getting to go back through my photos and videos from this summer and relive some of the fun of being in France and laugh at silly photos my sister and I took together. I shared the completed story with my mom, who shared it with Martial, her old pen pal who I talked about meeting in my story. He told her he loved it, and asked if he could share it with some of his friends, too. I was so happy they both enjoyed it, since they were my inspiration for the story. They make me want to find an international pen pal too. (Mom also shared it with my grandma, who sent me a congratulatory email. I have Grandma’s stamp of approval now, so I’m happy.)

I took a lot of photos and videos during my trip to France this summer, but next time I study abroad, I want to be even more diligent in recording small parts of the trip through photos and videos to create a better digital story next time.