This semester was my second semester being a part of the Italian club here at OU. I was not as involved as  I wanted to be because of my workload but I still made it a point to go to certain events they held. It is nice because the club doesn’t hold unnecessary meetings throughout the semester. They just hold movies nights and conversions which are held quite often so if I  couldn’t make it one I knew another one was upcoming. Another advantage of being part of the Italian Club and going to their events is that the professors give you extra credit for going to these events. Although, it is not all about the extra credit it is nice that even though I knew I needed to be studying; I was helping my grade.

I am hoping that as I continue my journey with the Italian program at OU; I will become a bigger a part of this club and maybe even become some sort of officer.

If anyone has any question about joining the club or events that the club is hosting.

Let me know.


On the next post, I will take a break from talking about Italy and go towards the chaos that is currently happening in France.


Sooner Jump Start, 2nd semester

This year I took another mentee from SJS to teach him the ins and outs of Norman, and I have to say I got lucky again. My mentee was great and we got together to have lunch all the time at the Union. We talked about many things but I especially like to learn what daily life was like in Oman. He told me about the education system and how different careers are given more importance over there.

My mentee, Al-Khalil, is on the far right



Le fête de Noël

Hier, je suis allée à la fête de Noël qui a été organisé par le club de français. La célébration comprenait de la nourriture française et de la conversation. Il y avait du fromage, du pain, des graines de grenade, et une bûche de Noël. Il y avait même des macarons, cuisinés par une étudiant dans ma classe ! Elle les a faits super bien, qui est incroyable, parce que les macarons sont tellement difficiles à faire.

J’ai passé le temps en mangeant et en parlant avec une amie française. Puisqu’elle a grandi en France, j’ai pu la demander plusieurs questions sur la culture française et les traditions françaises qui entourent le Noël. On parlait de la différence entre la mentalité des étudiants en France et aux États-Unis, de la différence entre le système de police en France et aux États-Unis, du coût de la vie aux deux pays, et d’autres sujets encore. En plus elle m’a demandé si j’avais déjà mangé une buche de Noël, et quand j’ai répondu « non, » elle était surprise, parce qu’elle croyait que c’était une tradition assez universelle. En somme, la célébration était vraiment agréable, et elle était un événement parfait pour conclure mon semestre.  


Japanese Club Book and Bake Sale

My Japanese club had a book and bake sale this semester and we all had a lot of fun. The club members and teachers all made some of the things that were being sold there and the Japanese community in Norman all donated so of the books that were there too. My friends and I bought a lot of different things and got a chance to practice our Japanese outside of the classroom. There were Totoro cookies and mini Japanese souvenirs like stationary and handkerchiefs. I bought five books that are in Japanese and during the break, I hope that I can start reading at least one of them. It’s going to take some time and a lot of studying to be able to read them but I”m ready for the challenge. There were some Japanese sweets there too like mochi so I bought some of those and had a great time at the event.


Activ8 Career Networking Japanese

After the DLB CIS networking fair, I had another one that I did that day. This one was for students who are taking Japanese so that we can learn about opportunities to use our language skills in the workplace. I got to talk outside with a lot of other Japanese students before we went into our interviews. They gave us some Japanese candy while we waited. Part of the interview was in Japanese. I think that I did okay but I still know that my language skills could use some work. I learned about some opportunities for internships while I’m in Japan during the summer and different companies that are hiring people who are able to use at least conversational Japanese. The people we talked to were really nice and helpful. It was my first time doing one of these meetings so I was a bit nervous but now I’m prepared to do it again once I’m a senior.


DLB CIS Career and Networking

I went to two career events in one day this semester. The first one was hosted at DLB CIS. I saw Ms. Bushra at the Global Engagement/Fulbright table. I’m still considering applying but I have some time to decide. There were a lot of international organizations and domestic organizations there. I spent a lot of time at the UN desk there and I learned about the opportunities that they have all over the world and the different things that they do. There’s a chapter here in Oklahoma and they told me how to apply to become a member. I’m going to do that once I have some free time after finals week. There was also an organization that helps with trafficking victims and they have internship and volunteer opportunities. It’s called the dragonfly project and I want to try and help out there as well. The last desk that I spent a lot of time at was the graduate programs desk so that I could learn more about OU’s grad school program. Overall this was a pretty productive event for me. I got to learn about a lot of different organizations and meet some alumni from my college.


Turkish Response to Khashoggi Killing

Mr. Jamal Khashoggi is a Saudi citizen who was living in the United States while writing for The Washington Post prior to being killed and dismembered in the Saudi Consulate on October 2nd in Istanbul. There have been calls for an international investigation of Khashoggi’s murder, and Istanbul’s top prosecutor filed arrest warrants recently. The warrants are for two Saudis, Major General Ahmad al-Assiri and Saud el-Qahtani, who are both close to Prince Mohammed bin Salman. People suspect that Khashoggi’s murder could not have been carried out without the prince knowing.

The United States have targeted General Assiri and Mr. Qahtani for sanctions as a response to Khashoggi’s death. Turkish officials are convinced the murder was premeditated. Although Saudi officials initially denied harming Khashoggi, a known dissident, in the consulate, they eventually admitted Khashoggi was killed after what they claim was an attempt to force him to return to Saudi Arabia.


Uganda’s Open Border

Solomon Osakan is a Ugandan government official who is supporting an open border policy for refugees. In his district in northwest Uganda, there are more than 400,000 people. Osakan’s district has one of the largest concentrations of refugees in the world.

Uganda reportedly has approximately 1.25 million refugees, and about $200 million dollars in humanitarian aid is going toward supporting this refugee population. Rural Ugandans are also carving up their communal land and sharing it with refugees, giving these people the opportunity to build small houses, farm, and work toward self-sufficiency.

Polls show that Uganda is more likely than its neighbor countries to support land assistance and the right to work for refugees, possibly because many Ugandans have fled their homes in the past. They show empathy for refugees because Ugandans have been refugees themselves during wartimes. Under the rule of oppressive leaders like Mr. Amin and Joseph Kony, many Ugandans were forced to flee their home country to avoid violence. Ugandans acknowledge and understand the desperate circumstances that drive refugees to seek refuge in other countries, and they have shared their resources compassionately. Our government could benefit from such empathetic concern.


OU Cousins

I joined OU Cousins this semester. It is my second international organization. Unfortunately, I was not paired with a cousin this semester. OU Cousins is designed to help international students make friends and acclimate to Oklahoma.  The club hosts several events throughout the semester to bring students together. Members are welcome to attend even if they are not matched with a cousin. Some of this semester’s events were a tailgate with Headington Residential College, a S’mores Night, an OU Cousins Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Lights, and Cocoa and Cousins.


Capoeira Club

Capoeira Club is one of my international organizations. In this club, we practice capoeira. Occasionally, there are demonstrations provided by a trained capoeirista. We train on Saturday afternoons. Capoeira Club also organizes events on campus. One event this semester was a capoeira demonstration as part of Brazil Week. Another event was the End of Semester Gathering on November 30th in the Oklahoma Memorial Union Regents Room. The club sponsored these events to spread the word about capoeira and recruit new members. People are welcome to join the club at any point.