The Making of My Digital Story

These past few weeks in class we have been working on our digital stories and it has been quite interesting. I have never done a project of this sort, so it was different for me. At first it was a little weird to me, because I do not really like recording my voice and having to hear it replayed over and over while creating my story. I did struggle a little bit with the project, with determining which pictures would make my story the most effective. Eventually I figured it out, but I did struggle a little at the beginning.

Each class that Rachel visited was very helpful and engaging. I really enjoyed how she would go step by step with us to make sure that we were fully understanding the software. I have used video editing software so I knew somewhat what I was doing already, but having someone there to refresh and familiarize us with the software was very helpful. I also liked how during my recording she helped me go over my transcript to ensure that it was the best it could be.

Learning how to create a video that runs smoothly and is high quality is a skill that I think is important and can be useful in many ways during life. Although I most likely will not create a digital story again, I will at some point in my life need to create a video and knowing how to use basic editing software is very helpful.

Global Engagement and the “Real World”

The world we live in today is more international across all industries than it has been ever before. The interactions between various countries in industries such as business, medicine, and law has grown immensely. It is for this reason that I believe that no matter what industry I decide to go into, my experiences with the Global Engagement Fellowship will help me in numerous ways. For example, studying abroad, as well as becoming proficient in a language, and being involved with international events/organizations, will provide me with a competitive edge when I go to apply for jobs or internships. The Global Engagement Fellowship will also provide me with insight on various cultures and teachers from around the world, that will impact how well I perform in my career field compared to other colleagues.

I am not 100% sure exactly what I want to do in the future, however I do know that I either want to go into law or medicine. In both of these fields, international experiences are vital to performing at your highest level. To enhance the impact that the Global Engagement Fellowship has on my performance in either of these fields, while abroad I will reach out to either medical professionals or attorneys in the various countries and try to gain experience with them. By gaining experience in a related field in another country, my perspective will be molded and I will have an expanded horizon about their practice as it relates to practice in the United States. As I continue down this journey in determining what career path to take as well as the Global Engagement Fellowship, I will jump at any opportunity that is presented to me that will further enhance and expand my knowledge on topics that could help me in the future.

My View on the “Stories” I have Experienced

I am a person who has been born and raised in Frisco, TX. The farthest away from my hometown of Frisco that I have lived is fifteen minutes away in Plano, TX. I have not traveled out of the United States much, and even inside the States my travels have not been extensive. Due to this lack of traveling and diversity, I know that the way I view the world is very limited. I tend to see things only through the eyes of myself and those around me, which are generally very similar to mine. I do not know much about other cultures and have not had a chance to experience life through their eyes. I have only had the chance to read the story that North Texas and its citizens present to me.

I feel that this is a common theme among many people in the United States, as well as the rest of the world. I personally have suffered from a lack of exposure to different so-called stories, and I believe that many other have as well. However, we can change this. I do not need to go travel the world to see different stories, but instead I just need to broaden my horizons. I will do so by taking time each week to learn about another culture and gain an understanding for how others outside of North Texas view things that are happening around the world. By doing so, I will be learning about other stories and gaining perspective on many new and interesting topics, as well as different ideas on those topics which I am already familiar with.

Cornerstone International: a Worthy Foundation

Weekly Reflection October 29th

After reading about each of the four foundations on their websites, I think that Cornerstone International is most deserving of the $100 donation. Their intentions, process, experience, and local roots present them as the most effective in the long-term of all four groups. First, on their website, Cornerstone International establishes their focus “on long term, sustainable solutions.” Although charitable donations given by the Against Malaria Foundation and Give Directly have value in helping those they benefit, they do not build the resources for their beneficiaries to work themselves out of poverty or dire situations. However, Cornerstone International does just that by allowing deserving and hard-working entrepreneurs in developing countries to make a start for themselves, helping themselves and their community. Next, Founder Chad Jordan and his sister Tara work directly and openly with their clients to ensure that they meet their needs in the most efficient and effective way possible. Potential clients do not need to worry about fraud or ambiguity when working with them. Under the “What We Do” tab on their website, they include example questions of what they will ask their clients, proving their transparency and willingness to cooperate. Though it is not a philanthropic organization but a consulting firm, Cornerstone International places a huge emphasis on the overall good of the community in their work, evident in their yearly Business and Social Good Campaign. Also, Cornerstone International has experience virtually all over the world. A map on their website illustrates that they have successfully completed projects in Central and South America, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Lastly, having been able to speak directly with Chad and Tara convinced me of their capability and honest intentions. I don’t feel like I’m dealing with a large and impersonal institution. I feel sure that our money would be used effectively and directly and not get lost in an obscure maze of middle men and sub-committees. Cornerstone International definitely makes a strong argument in its favor, which is why I strongly believe that our $100 would be well-used in their hands.


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