The Dairy of a Girl Stranded

Or – Why NOT to get to the airport too early – Today my dad dropped me off at Denver International airport somI could catch the first leg of my flight to London Heathrow airport and the University of Hertfordshire. The only problem? My dad dropped me off at nine thirty am; my flight doesn’t leave until 4:15 pm. That is seven hours early. SEVEN HOURS!!! I am currently six hours in and and starting to go a little crazy-er. Because running around, dancing, and/or screaming is generally frowned upon in most airports, I’m writing a blog post instead, because it’s practically the same thing. image Now, before anyone starts thinking my dad is off his rocker (because that’s a whole different conversation) for dropping me off so early, allow me to assure you that there were good logistical reasons for that. However, logistics doesn’t make me feel any better right now. So how have I spent these hours so far. Well, I sat in front of the checkin counter for 3 hours waiting to check in my bags. It too me about an hour to get through security. Then I got some Panda Express and found a plug, which I am guarding with my life. I have spent a lot of that time trying to download some reading material for the plane ride, but that still hasn’t worked because the airport wifi doesn’t work — big surprise. — The plane I will be riding on just landed, but it won’t depart for almost an hour and a half. I have decided to spend that time staring at the plane in an attempt to hurry the process. It probably won’t work, but I enjoy deluding myself. :) image **UPDATE: the wifi must have heard me bad talking it; it finally started working. So al least I got my books! image

Yes. No. Maybe.

IT’S 2016!!! Happy New Year!!! Last night I had wonderful New Year’s Eve plans, involving a mug of hot chocolate and an early bed time, which I heartlessly canceled to go spend time with two of my favorite people, Katie and Lauren. Both girls were in my sorority and went to the same church I did until they graduated OU last spring, so I wanted to spend time with them while I could before they were off being productive members of society again. Amidst the many games of Rummikub talk moseyed over to my travel itinerary. Katie and Lauren have both studied abroad and they decided to pass on their most important travel rules and guidelines. I, of course, immediately decided to immortalize them in my blog! The following are rules. They have no exeptions. 1) The number one most important rule ever no matter where you are: PWYC. Pee while you can. Even if you don’t have to go. Even if you just went. Even if you have to hold up your group. PWYC. 1.5) Subsection of Most Important Rule 1: Carry toilet paper with you. Always. You never know when it won’t be provided. 2) Ruled for life, as well as travel: P&F. Positive and flexible. Keep yourself in a good mood on your trip by being positive and flexible and not letting the little things ruin everything. 3) To ward off problems: Granola. Carry granola bars in you bag in case of hunger. Carry granola bars for your buddies. Carry extra granola bars for anyone who gets hangry. Basically, granola fixes everything. Next are the guidelines, which can have exceptions (monitary exceptions). 1) Siempre Sube The Thing: if there is a tower, climb it. Dome, climb it. Big hill with a cool view, climb it. Price limit ~20 euro. 2) Hostels: most important things to look for: Location (you want to be near the cool stuff), free wifi (first world problems), free linens (because I like my beds with sheets), and a private locker (so you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing you valuables). They also gave me some great tips on places to go and things to see around mainland Europe: places in Spain and France, and places to avoid. I loved spending times with my friends on New Years and I’m so glad that Katie and Lauren gave me their Dos and Donts!

Thank Goodness

I leave for England in 19 days — yay!!!!! IMG_3854 I still have a ton of things to do (there is literally a two page to-do list sitting next to me) and I haven’t even started considering thinking about packing yet. But I’m very excited to go. I’ve always wanted to go to England, for as long as I can remember, and I’m finally getting to go! It is a kind of dream-come-true. But when four-year-old Margaret was dreaming about flying off to the old country, she didn’t really think about the details. I wish she had!- there would be a lot less for me to do! In all honestly it doesn’t feel real yet and I’m not sure if it will until I get there. thankgoodness2 But if that’s the case, I only have to wait 19 more days!!!