Professional Portrait

Taken in Oct. 2017, Lincoln, Oregon. Photographer: Sarah Smallwood

My name is Sarah Smallwood. I am a Norman, Oklahoma native currently attending college at the University of Oklahoma. I am pursuing a degree in public relations with a minor in environmental studies.

Being a junior in college, I have narrowed down my future goals to include working as a public relations agent for an organization working with the environment, either in marine conservation or outdoor gear and clothing. My hobbies include photography, video-gaming, and a multitude of outdoor activities.

My passion for the environment and conservation is what drives most of the fundamental decisions I make. I believe that climate change is simultaneously one of the largest threats to society, while also the most overlooked. I want to advance the cause of conservation and wildlife advocacy by managing the relationship between the public and wild-life related entities, whether that is a conservation firm or a clothing company which sells hiking and camping gear.

As a public relations major, I am expected to combine effective writing and communication skills with research and strategic thinking. In a world that increasingly relies on personal devices for sources of content, the area of design is becoming vital to public relations specialists. Currently, I am a novice to design and all that it entails, still learning how to use an advanced camera and editing tools.

I look forward to attempting to master various design tools and techniques, and learning how to apply these to my career goals.


I am Ivey Dyson, an International Security Studies and Arabic major at the University of Oklahoma. This blog is meant to channel all my thoughts during my travels and experiences as a Global Engagement Fellow (GEF). The Global Engagement Fellowship is a $5,000 scholarship beginning freshman year. The money is used for students to study abroad twice. The requirements are simple and are aimed to mold students into responsible and well informed Sooners. I joined GEF because my goal in life is to be a liaison between the Middle East and the United States. Whether through government or culture in general, I see many stereo types put on Middle Easterners in the United States, and vice versa. I believe that my travels would make me a prime candidate to be the figurehead that would lead both the U.S. and Middle East into an era of cultural understanding. I want to drive out this blind hatred and start a movement of competency.  After traveling throughout the world to speak about my cause, I would like to run for a public office, possibly Secretary of State. I believe a person in that position of power should have a good idea of different world cultures, religions, practices, and governmental systems to serve the government successfully.

At OU, I am in many leadership programs. First and foremost I am  a member of the Delta Gamma Fraternity. My very best friends are my sisters and I am always up to “Do Good”.

I am also a member of the President’s Leadership Class  which is a group of 130 freshman that demonstrated leadership in high school and want to continue leading in college. It is very prestigious and gives us a first hand look at opportunities to build our resume, serve others, and network.

I am a Soonerthon Ambassador through the Campus Activities Council. Soonerthon is Oklahoma’s biggest fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Nerwork Hospitals. The event is a 12 hour dance with students from all around campus.  Ambassadors have the responsibility of personally raising $1,500 for the cause.

Through the Executive branch of the Student Government Association, I am involved in the Sooner Freshman Council. SFC consists of about 30 freshman who have an interest in SGA . SFC is where I have made many friendship and learned about different organizations on campus.

Because of my big (AKA best friend)  from DG, I am on  the Film Series group for the Union Programming Board. UPB brings free and fun events to students through the Oklahoma Memorial Union. Film Series is in charge of showing films in the Meecham Auditorium for free each Friday. My job is to create social media promotional advertisements for our films.

Recently, I got accepted to be on Green Week Public Relations. Green Week is a week where we inform students about ways in which they can make a difference to keep the environment sustainable and healthy for years to come.

I am also a part of the Big Event operations staff. The Big Event  is a day where Sooners give back to Norman through community service and service projects. Through operations staff,  I get to make sure things run smoothly and organize projects.

Finally, I am an intern at the Journal Record Legislative Report. I go to Oklahoma Senate meetings to write factual summaries of  what law makers decide on our bills which we then post on the JRLR website.


My favorite color is purple.

I  am a theatre nerd. Musicals are my guilty pleasure and I watch EVERY SINGLE MOVIE nominated for an Academy Award.

I love travelling, knitting, different cultures, cooking healthy food, hiking, watching football, Netflix, Harry Potter, working out, and looking like a hippie.

Th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!