Wondering About Next Year

I was wondering what to write about in these next few posts, but I figured writing about my possibles decisions could help me make a decision. So I will be the first person in my family to ever study abroad and I honestly know nothing about it. I do not know the process, I do not know what papers I need to get or how I am going to pay for any extra fees because I am paying my way through college. I am looking into either the University of Reading or Hertfordshire for my semester abroad. Both are super close to London — about a twenty minute train ride away — and I have always wanted to visit London so both are great choices. I know a few people that have studied in Hertfordshire, but there are more pre-equated classes in Reading. Both are wonderful choices — it honestly just depends on what the adviser tells me when I get back to university. At least I am beginning to narrow down my choices — this way I can start to focus on the smaller, more important things, like visas and accommodation fees. :/