Italian Weather

While I wont know what the weather is like in Italy until I actually arrive, I can post some facts that I have found online. 

Today, in Italy, the weather was in the 50s (that’s Fahrenheit, not Celsius. They’re not dying in a fiery lake storm). In comparison, the weather at the beautiful campus of the Univerity of Oklahoma has almost reached the 80s (again in Fahrenheit). 

Personally, I believe that is enough reason to study abroad in Italy. The weather. 

I was born and raised in Oklahoma so I know all about the terrifying summers. While most people, including my grandmother, adore the summer, I despise it. I would rather be bundling up for the snow than having to deal with the heat of summer. Now, that doesn’t mean I abstain from complaining about the brutal winds and hail while walking to class. That’s horrible. 

Anyway, I found an awesome info graphic that breaks down local wether trends for Rome. Disclaimer: I understand that the weather will vary depending on where you stay.    


Also, this chart is in Celsius. Just to confuse everyone.

One final point I would like to make is that I chose my example of the Italian weather earlier specifically to complain about Oklahoma summers. I realize that the summer there will be warm. Just hopefully not as bad!


Oklahoma Weather

This post will be a two parter! First, I shall complain/report on the odd weather that takes place in Oklahoma. All this week, it has been bitterly cold. Today, however, has been nice. It’s cold, but not too cold. My roommate shared that it will be warmer this weekend. If the weather could stop being so crazy, I’d be fine with that.

But this has me thinking…
What will the weather be like in Italy?

I shall do some research over the weekend, and post past weather trends for Italy.

Then, when I actually go to Italy, I will report on the weather!

On a side note, I had the opportunity to donate/voluenteer for the blood drive today!

Until next time,
Alexis Hall


OU recently added this piece of art our to our visitor center. I thought it was interesting and want to share it with my corner of the Internet! I attached two articles that discuss the new project. This piece has me excited about studying abroad and seeing all of the art. I can’t wait to go to Italy and see all of the history of arts and sciences there.
Until next time,