Montford Inn-Client Launch Portfolio

10 Client Tools for the Montford Inn

Sarah Smallwood

            The following tools were created for the Montford Inn with the goal of helping the inn showcase its luxury, comfort, and romantic southern touch. The tools are intended to show this through graphic design details and effective wording. The tools include building blocks for news releases and a feature pitch, as well as an outline for a speech which might be used to introduce the spa services which are still in the works at the inn. The speech is accompanied by eight potential slide ideas which would accompany its delivery.

            I have also included four photos with captions. These photos might be used on social media pages for various reasons, whether it be to have content to post and attract website visitors, or to showcase other details of the inn, adding to the photo gallery for guests to look at. The infographic is intended for social media use, as it gives potential guests the feeling of romantic comfort while highlighting the small details the Montford Inn strives to provide for each guest.

            I have designed two new possible logos to be used on business cards and in letterheads. The logos are simple enough to be converted into the black and white format as well. I attempted to portray the inn as a modern place to stay, while giving the feeling of prairie romance. The logos are also simple and eye catching.

            The last tools consist of a brochure and business card. I wanted to incorporate the use of color theory into these two objects. Therefore, I carried a splash of purple on both sides of the business card, which hopefully invokes feelings of delicate romance. I also intended for the information of the business card to be slightly compartmentalized on the back, making it easier to read for guests. For the brochure, my goal was to lure guests into the inn without flooding the pamphlet with too many photos, while also designing it to be clean and simple yet elegant. The use of a pale olive green gives the inn an inviting, homey feel, while the photos show the luxury and upscale amenities.


  1. Brand Story

Like a wildflower speckling the prairie, the Montford Inn has been spot of romance and comfort in Norman, Oklahoma since it was built in 1994. Ron and Phyllis Murray founded the inn to provide visitors with the comfort and welcome of the south, and so far, they have been successful. For over 20 years, the Montford Inn has been a sophisticated jewel of a bed in breakfast. Since it’s beginning, the inn has drawn the attention of acclaimed guests and dignitaries, from celebrities and movie producers, to professors and politicians.

With time, the inn has grown, adding rooms, cottages and services. It has continued to gain recognition for all the small details which create the atmosphere guests desire. Antique and one-of-a-kind decorations line the walls and rooms, cookies are always baking, wine glasses are filled, the gardens bloom, all coming together to create an experience that no hotel can offer. The inn offers various ways to serve guests, including hosting family reunions, weddings, and more.

The ownership of the inn has changed over the decades, with the inn now being run by the founder’s son, William Murray. Montford Inn remains a family-run establishment, and it still strives to welcome each guest with the same hospitality and comfort as the beginning. With the addition of cottages, each containing fireplaces and couple’s jacuzzies, the inn has begun to attract more and more honeymooners and lovebirds. The Montford Inn plans to expand this aspect of service, hoping to provide touching amenities and a romantic experience for visitors.




  1. 4 Photos with Captions


Hidden Hollow, a quaint, private cottage, includes many romantic amenities, including a heart-shaped couple’s jacuzzi tub.

The details in Hidden Hollow, one of the Montford Inn’s many cottages, leave visitors feeling like they have spent a romantic week in a prairie get-away.

Homesteaders, one of the many rooms available at Montford Inn, features small details and photos from the past, creating a nostalgic atmosphere for visitors.

The Montford Inn stands like a jewel on the prairie during a peaceful Oklahoma spring evening.

Warm light bounces off the teal walls of Morningsong, a peaceful room which rests in the corner of the inn, offering guests many windows and an abundance of natural light.

The teal walls and abundance of windows combine to create a relaxing glow in Morningsong, a corner room available at Montford Inn.




  1. Logo

Logo 1

Logo 2



  1. Infographic



  1. News Release

To be sent to:

Visit OKC- Tabbi Burwell

Communications Manager

Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau

(405) 297-8973


NORMAN, Okla. — The Montford Inn in Norman has announced plans to implement a selection of spa services to their bed and breakfast. The owners intend to provide a multitude of services to their guests, including massages and skin therapies.

The spa would be a romantic addition to the ten bedrooms and six cottages currently available to guests. The innkeepers provide a variety of room services, including stocking rooms with amenities, delivering food orders and insuring the guests’ needs are met. Breakfast is homemade and served every morning, and complimentary wine and cookies are laid out during business hours. Some of the guest rooms feature couples’ bathtubs, including one room with a private hot tub. Cottages adjacent from the inn provide a more secluded option for guests wanting more privacy or a romantic escape.  However, the Montford Inn owners are eager to upgrade the guest experience.

“We want to renovate one of the older upstairs bedrooms to create the spa area,” says Phyllis Murray, a co-founder of the inn. “Our goal is to offer guests and couples yet another way to escape from the stresses of everyday life.”

The Montford Inn was founded in 1999 by Murray and her late husband, William, and was designed to combine a sophisticated atmosphere with the unmatched comforts of a bed and breakfast. Guests stay at the inn for romantic getaways, business meetings, family reunions, or an escape from busy city-life. A stay at the inn is filled with personal touches that no hotel chain can offer.

The inn owners can be reached in person at the inn every week day until 2pm or contacted by phone at 405-321-2200. Interviews are best scheduled a few days in advance. Photos of the inn and rooms are available on the inn’s website, though the owners are open to new photo and video opportunities.



  1. E-Mail Pitch

Mark Codner: Editor for The Edmond Sun

Dear Mr. Codner,

The Oklahoma City area is sprawling with growth, and the nation’s eyes are regularly being drawn to our region by our exciting features, such the Oklahoma City Thunder and the successful University of Oklahoma Sooners football program. However, there is a bed and breakfast just south of OKC, in Norman, which continually attracts prominent guests, from celebrities, to dignitaries visiting with business with the university. I would love to help draw attention to that inn.

The Montford Inn has a rich history of guests and a deep connection to Norman. If you have the time, I would like to arrange a meeting between you and the owners of the inn, so they can give you more details about the guests they’ve had. This would make an interesting story which would showcase the entertainment appeal of the Oklahoma City area, showing Oklahoma residents and on-lookers another taste of what we have to offer.

If you have any questions about the inn or scheduling an interview, please let me know. I look forward to further discussing this story with you!


–Sarah Smallwood

Public Relations Student

University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism




  1. Special Event Speech

Good afternoon everyone, it’s wonderful to see you here today. My name is William Murray, I have the pleasure of managing the Montford Inn with my wife and mother. I first want to thank you all for visiting us today to attend the grand opening of the spa services here at the Montford Inn. Our Montford Inn family has been anxiously awaiting this day for months!

This would not be possible without my mother, Phyllis Murray, who has worked tirelessly to run the inn and plan these new services. Phyllis custom-built the inn with my late father, Ron, in 1994, and has over-seen this jewel on the prairie ever since. Without her guidance, perseverance and leadership, the inn would not have been able to serve Norman these last two decades. She continues to work hard every day at the inn, making sure guests are feeling welcome and everyone’s needs are met.

Our family built the inn in order to provide a premier bed and breakfast experience to guests, and we are over-whelmed with joy to be adding to these experiences. The Montford Inn strives to offer a luxurious yet comfortable stay for the business traveler, or a romantic, prairie get-away for the honey-mooning couple. The inclusion of spa services at Montford Inn will continue these efforts, offering the chance for a small weekend trip to turn into two days of relaxation and pampering.

We are excited to offer guests an assortment of relaxing new options. The spa will include massages, pampering body scrubs, luxury baths, and soothing facials. These services will accompany the lovely touches already offered at the inn, which include couple’s hot tubs, complimentary wine, and daily homemade breakfast, among other things.

We are thankful for the many visitors who have chosen the Montford Inn as their bed and breakfast over the last 24 years of business. The years have been filled with joy and fulfillment, and we look forward to offering these new services to guests who visit our home.

Thank you again for coming today. Please enjoy the spa services and come stay with us again soon.




  1. Slide Deck

Slide 1

Slide 2 OR


Slide 3

Slide 4

Slide 5

Slide 6

Slide 7

Slide 8


  1. Brochure


  1. Business Card

It Might Be Too Good To Be True

Social Media Sites Can Facilitate the Spread of False Information– Image courtesy of NPR

We live in a time when the President of the United States can instantly deliver a message to almost 50 million viewers using Twitter, news agencies race each other to see who can break news faster, regardless of the validity, and false claims can go viral and wreak havoc in a matter of minutes. This haphazardness of news and information has led to an era in which it is some how not that strange for public leaders to be arguing about the subjectivity of facts.

This is why it was a relief to read about a team of astronomers from Arizona State University and MIT which spent two years double-checking data which would indicate a huge scientific discovery. It was shocking to me that the team’s immediate reaction was not excitement, but skepticism.

Skepticism, in my opinion, ought to be anyone’s first reaction to news, especially news which is surprising or currently breaking. Because of platforms like social media, where information is reproduced and spread at lightning-fast rates, a dangerous climate has formed of click-bait articles and misleading titles. It has even recently been discovered that on Twitter, false news spreads faster than true news.

Because of this, it is paramount to the success of the modern public relations professional to fact-check and research before relaying information to the public. Ironically, in this day and age, the back lash for being exposed for spreading false information tends to be extremely harsh.

As the team of researchers proved with its extensive fact-checking, true news can still be exciting. When thinking ahead to how I might ensure my client is informative as well as entertaining, there are a few strategies that come to mind. One of them is to lower the frequency of news, as conserving news releases may preserve the luster and excitement of the news itself. Furthermore, there are tactics that I can adopt such as using info graphics and social media tools to remain compelling.

While public relations professionals need to respond quickly, the truth is more important than a race for ‘shares’ and ‘likes’.

Final Reflection: PR Writing

Reading about how to implement advocacy writing as a PR professional made me think about public relations in a new way. Secondly, I think that learning how to utilize PR writing on social media will be applicable to my current writing. The information that I learned about backgrounders will be something that I’ll undoubtedly use in the process of reaching my professional goals. I’d most like to remember the evaluation process and the public relations process from this course. My goals moving forward include obtaining an internship position that involves public relations within the music industry.

Chapter 14: PR Writing

Chapter 14: Evaluation

Takeaway #1: Evaluation is one of the most important processes within the field of public relations, starting with goal-setting.

Takeaway #2: The next steps of the evaluation process include taking account of communication outputs (what materials/activities were implemented) and communication outtakes (what parts of the campaign affected the target public).

Takeaway #3: The final part of the evaluation process outlined in the text is the measurement of institutional outcomes (what parts of the program best helped achieve the client’s goals).

What did you read that made you think about public relations or public relations writing in a new way?

  • Reading about internet statistics made me think about how that is now one of the most popular ways to monitor consumer engagement.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your current writing?

  • I believe that the evaluation process will be most useful.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your professional goals?

  • The section on internet statistics will be most applicable.

Chapter 10: PR Writing

Chapter 10: Business Correspondence

Takeaway #1: A memoranda is used to distribute information within a company or organization – similar to a newsletter. Planning memos would be written in a slightly different format.

Takeaway #2: Business letters are to be short and to-the-point.

Takeaway #3: E-mail is a good way of following up with media contacts. Strong subject lines help attract more attention.

What did you read that made you think about public relations or public relations writing in a new way?

  • Reading about business correspondence within a book about PR writing was interesting; I am guessing that this was intended for PR professionals to use for themselves, not so PR professionals could write e-mails for their clients.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your current writing?

  • I think that the section of the chapter that addressed business e-mails is most applicable to my current situation.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your professional goals?

  • The guidelines for writing memorandum will be most helpful in attaining my professional goals.

Two Internships: PR Writing

  1. Music Publicity Intern at Baby Robot Media (Brooklyn, NYC, NY)

This company’s culture seems diverse and eclectic. Because their ad mentions that the applicant “must have extensive knowledge about a variety of musical genres and current trends in music/pop culture,” I feel as though I would be a perfect fit for this position. This internship is interesting to me because it states that I would be learning about publicity campaigns, social media, tour press, booking, branding and artist discovery. I have studied PR for almost a year now and I have been deeply passionate about music throughout my entire life – therefore I think that I meet their requirements (the ad isn’t all that specific).

2. Fall 2016 Internship at Sony Music Nashville

This company’s culture seems professional and business-oriented. I like the fact that there are five positions available, making it more likely that I would be working and learning along with other interns. I am interested in this internship due to its offer of hands-on experience and its location in a opportunity-filled city. I meet all of the requirements to apply (aside from the fact that I’m already studying abroad next semester).

Find an Infographic: PR Writing




This infographic combines well-researched content with a great design. It effectively portrays the issue of gender inequality within the music industry. It would be able to appeal to a larger group of people because of its strong visual communication. Furthermore, it would have been effective advertising for the group that created it, MEOW Con (Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women) and its event. It could have been more persuasive if it had used more comparative statistics.

Chapter 9: PR Writing

Chapter 11: Websites and Social Media

Takeaway #1: A business’s online presence is imperative to maintaining relevance and helps attract new clients.

Takeaway #2: Writing for the Internet should be short, direct, conversational and informal.

Takeaway #3: Blogs should be written similarly, but can be more informal and conversational. Blogs are utilized to connect with a business’s public in a more personal way.

What did you read that made you think about public relations or public relations writing in a new way?

  • Reading about blogging in the text made me think about how PR is up-to-date and always changing.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your current writing?

  • I believe that excerpts on multimedia usage in PR will be helpful currently.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your professional goals?

  • The guidelines for web writing will be most helpful in reaching my career goals.

Chapter 11: PR Writing

Chapter 11: Advocacy Writing

Takeaway #1: Research reports are used to summarize the findings of a study.

Takeaway #2: Proposals are summaries of a study’s results with a persuasive twist.

Takeaway #3: RFPs (request for proposal) are utilized by organizations to pitch to businesses seeking new clients.

What did you read that made you think about public relations or public relations writing in a new way?

  • PR can be a two-way street; RFPs allow organizations to persuade a PR firm to provide its services while a PR firm aims to attract its own business through new business proposals.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your current writing?

  • I believe that the model for report writing will be applicable to my current writing.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your professional goals?

  • Knowing how to compose new business proposals will be useful to my professional goals.