Semester at a glance

I usually don’t post about anything to personal in this blog, however I just had some things on my heart that I felt would be easier for me to release if I was able to type my thoughts out. This was a very rough semester for me, and I don’t mean that in the sense that my whole life was crumbling a part, but it was definitely a time for some self-reflection. This semester I was only enrolled in 13 hours and yet, it was still one of my hardest semester. I started working this semester, which has been an adjustment, because I am trying to save up money for my study abroad trip this summer, so I have been covering quite a few shifts. I got overly involved, so much so I constantly found myself exhausted, and struggling to find time to do school work. That is a huge problem, I am a college student first, and I should never have to find time for school, school should always be my number one priority. I will not be engaging in any new extracurriculars next semester that I am not currently involved in. My grades suffered a bit this semester, and for the first time in a while I felt like an utter failure. I would study harder and longer then a lot of my friends for a class, yet continually do worse on them for every test. It is very frustrating when you know that you understand something, but you struggle to demonstrate that mastery when it matters. Classes that I usually make A’s in were B’s this semester, and I felt like no matter how hard I was trying, it was never good enough. Sometimes college can be a very challenging mental and emotional game, and it’s disheartening when you feel like you aren’t good or smart enough. I began to question my major, my future aspirations, and myself this semester because I felt like I was failing. I recognize that sometimes things get difficult, and I am really trying to use all these negatives as positives, and I am challenging myself to make a 4.0 next semester and to do better. Yes, I hate disappointing my family, and people who believed in me, but most importantly I hate not living up to my own expectations. So, for anyone who is struggling academically and personally, know that I am here with you, and we haven’t lost the battle yet, we just need regain the reigns. Fortunately, I have taken my last Calculus class this semester, which has been a problem area for me since i started college. I am going to use this break to regroup, refocus, and come back stronger than ever. Now that I have put some of these feelings down, I hope I can be set free of them and focus on moving forward.

We can all do it y’all, we just have to keep pushing and not give up. Happy Holidays, and may your 2017 be filled with your aspirations and achievements.

Hmong New Year

This fall I was able to go and take part in Hmong New Year. One of my friends that I had recently made had invited me to come back home with her for the festival. Hmong people are from the mountain region in China. We left the campus on Friday, to get there for the events happening early Saturday morning. I especially enjoyed getting to know her more on the car ride there. Hmong New year is actually a three-day long event, but we were only able to stay for one. Upon arrival, we were greeted by my friend’s parents and the rest of her family. They graciously invited us into their home for the weekend. Early in the morning we tried on many colorful combinations       of Hmong traditional clothes. Hmong traditional clothes typically come with a top and bottom piece, which are then tied together with various sashes. My friend particularly liked the plainer ones that were purple and black. Whereas I was drawn to the brightly colored and patterned ones. I have never been able to try on traditional Asian clothing before, so I enjoyed it a lot. After arriving to the festival, we were able to see event tents, and merchants selling pieces of traditional clothing. I especially liked the food there too. We tried papaya salad and a traditional noodle dish. We also had Thai tea and a special milk based drink with different types of jelly. The papaya salad was my favorite because it had noodles and a mildly spicy sauce.

Papaya Salad

Local food tent at the festival.

A view of the various shops open at the market.







Traditional clothing being sold at the festival.






Most of the people that we saw there were in more modern clothes with maybe some traditional Hmong garments. The younger people that I saw were the ones that mostly dressed like this. However, you could see people that were dressed in full traditional wear. People that were older in age dressed more in traditional clothes. One thing that I noticed was that the people who were older had small money bags on their belts. My friend told me that authentic traditional wear used to be worn with a belt of money to show off wealth and power. However, this style has become less common and is only practiced by the older generations. Getting to know this culture was definitely eye opening and made me even more excited to learn more about other cultures. This experience has made my career choice of going into international business more defined

My friend and I wearing traditional Hmong clothes at the festival.

A family all wearing Hmong clothes.