Time Strategies

Since Mythology and Folklore is an entirely online class, I’m going to need to work on my time management and self discipline to make sure I complete all of my assignments on time. I like to think that I already have good time management skills, but I know that I can always improve on them. Right now I mainly depend on my planner to keep my on track. It has space for planning out my day by the half hour, making a to-do list, and a notes section. It also has some other features, but the to-do list is my favorite and the one I use most often.

I think that to-do lists are the most effective way for me to complete tasks in an organized and efficient manner. This article by Lauren Marchese explains that the most likely reason I feel that way is because the chemical Dopamine is released in my brain every time I check something off my list, which is kind of conditioning my brain to associate being happy with completing tasks. Kinda cool, right?

One caveat with my fancy planner is that I have a bad tendency to only write down the “absolute necessities” that I need to study: homework assignments due that night or reading that I need to get done right now. Or I’ll go all out and write down every single thing that I need to get done, ever, and be completely overwhelmed. This article by Amanda Collins talks about how students can create a realistic study plan and tips that might make it easier to stick to. The biggest thing for me will probably be practicing consistency. I’m pretty organized when I have looming deadlines, but if I can stick to a study schedule those deadlines might not seem so intimidating any more. I’m excited to give it a shot!

Image: Stock Photo. Source: Pexels