Tomorrow is my 19th birthday. My birthday!! Usually I am over the moon about my birthday and am literally counting down the days, the hours, the minutes… even the seconds. But, this year I am really not too into my birthday, because truthfully, I am not with the people who mean the most to me.

My birthday is often filled with my family and my best friends, and although I have such amazing friends here with me at OU… MY people are not here. Although my boyfriend is flying up which I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT… things will not be the same. I miss my mom and my sister and my stepdad and especially, my brother.

19 is not significant in my mind. It is one step to being closer to 20, one step to being closer to 21. But, nothing happens when you’re 19. I am just praying that I will not be sad on my birthday because I just want to see my family.

Although it seems as though I have such a negative approach on my birthday, I think this is far from true. I think I am finally starting to get growing up. Your birthday is although a big day, it’s just another day in the step to growing up.

19 is a step to being a grown up… which honestly scares the crap out of me. I don’t believe I am ready to grow up and I definitely do not think I am ready to have to make my own HUGE decisions. Picking my major was a big enough decision for me, to think that soon (3 years) I am going to have to pick a job and pick what city I am going to live in scares me… but also excites me.

19 is another year that I have circled around the sun and it means that I am not a new adult. I’ve been an adult for a year and honestly have barely learned much, but I will not be 18 anymore. I will be “experienced” hahah not really, but it excites me.

I am so ready for 19, to start something new and start another year of living.

My First Year

This year has been hard. Honestly, impossible. I am a 6 1/2 hour drive away from home and I came to a school where I knew maybe 5 people. All of my friends went to Texas A&M or UT and I miss that. I miss being with them and I miss being able to see them all of the time. My people…. the people who mean the most to me in the world… all stayed in Texas, all together, having the times of their lives. By no means am I saying that I am not loving it here… I am.

But, to see all of my friends all together and me being a 5 1/2 hour drive away from either of those schools is so hard. I miss my people.

I constantly have to remind myself that I am here for a reason. I chose this school for a reason.

Lately it’s been a lot harder. I have more people and have been way more present this year, trying to stay during the weekends and hang with more people instead of staying bottled up in my room. I just miss home, I miss my brother and I miss Texas. I love Texas.

But, through all of this, I have learned so much about myself. I have learned my limits and I have learned how to communicate with people. Being so far away from people has taught me how to get my point across. But also, it’s made me brave. It’s made me feel encouraged to speak out on what I am feeling and not keep it bottled in, because if this entire year I didn’t vent to others about my problems… I can guarantee I would’ve transferred to one of those schools by now.

I love this school. I love what it has made me into. I have realized so much about myself and love that I am able to truly get out of my comfort zone while also finding new people. I realize now that I have found new people, people that I can see being in my wedding and people who I know care about me more than any of my friends from high school, and I am truly blessed.

This year has taught me so much and I am forever grateful for what OU has given me.

April Showers

We are in the second week of my favorite month and I have to say… I am pretty pumped!! There are so many reasons why this is my favorite month, but my most favorite is that April 14 is my birthday!!!!!

I make a huge ordeal on my birthday and basically the entire month of my birthday. I love the excitement and I love getting to celebrate (myself:/)!!!

But, another reason why I love April is because that April is the homestretch. This is my last real month of school and that means I have to work my butt off to get my grades up, and also, it means I am a little closer to going home. Home… gosh I miss it. BUT!!! This year it is so much different… whenever school is over whenever I was in Houston, I didn’t miss it. All my friends were a 5 minute drive away from my house… this year… that is so much different. Some of my closest friends live HOURS away from me. Dallas, Chicago, Oklahoma City, CALIFORNIA. I am honestly sad. The friends I have already made this year are friends I know that I will keep in my life forever.

For some reason, college friends are so much more real than high school friends. I think it’s because you are all away from home, you are all scared and alone at the beginning — you get to go on this trip and experience together.

I will miss walking down the South Oval even though it feels like that long walk will never end. I will miss the dorms (surprisingly). And I will so miss getting to see all my Sooners.

Although 2 of my dearest friends from high school came here and are in the same sorority as me and I do see them all the time, this is different. Because I have found NEW people. That’s what college is for, and I now believe that that is why I decided to go to a school where I only knew 2 people going in… for the experience.

I love getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things. And OU has been that. Although I have gotten comfortable in some circumstances, I have been able to learn so much more about myself and truly have been forced to engage with people… and I am thankful.

So, as my birthday comes and this semester is quickly coming to an end… I have to admit, I am bittersweet.

Middle Child Archives

Ever since I was little, I have been an extremely passionate, driven, and overall, outgoing person. I love to be surrounded by people and I love to entertain others– as expected, I love to be the center of attention.

I think I got this from my roots and basically my family situation. I was the middle child, with an older sister and younger brother. They often teamed up on me because I was the middle child… The middle child hardly ever gets anything they want!

I remember I wanted the biggest room upstairs but Joey, my little brother, got it because “he was the only boy” and the next person to get the room would be my sister because “she was the oldest.” I COULDN’T GET THE BIG ROOM NO MATTER WHAT! Seriously so stupid…

But, there has been something so much more significant for me since I am the middle child. I feel as though I am the balance in the family. When my dad passed away when I was 9, I took control of the family *in a way* and tried everything in my power to keep us as close as possible even after facing tragedy. Being in the middle, I took responsibility, I am what is the center of the kids and it got to a point in my relationships with my siblings that I was a confidant for both of my siblings.

Although it might sometimes stink being the middle child and oftentimes not being able to get the best thing because you are in fact not the first or the last, it’s pretty cool because you aren’t scared being the first one to experience things like college or high school or being an adult first, but you aren’t the last. You can help your younger sibling and truly guide them.

And even though I am not the oldest, there are occasions where I have had the opportunity to help my sister, give her advice, teach her things she didn’t even know. It’s so cool to be the middle child. Honestly, I can’t explain why… but it is so much fun and I think why I am so close to my siblings now.

Houston Strong!!

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Houston has my heart. I was born in Houston, I was raised in Houston, and hopefully, I will eventually die in Houston.

Last semester, my city, my home, was hit with such bad flooding from Hurricane Harvey that the city was basically under water– and I could do absolutely nothing to save it. That broke me. Millions of people were left homeless and millions of people were left stranded in homes that were basically water.

But, something good came out of this. Houston came back, stronger and better than ever. And honestly, a lot of that is thanks to the Houston Astros as well as JJ Watt, one of the Houston Texans defensive ends.

JJ Watt was such a prime factor in getting Houston back on it’s feet. He worked his butt off raising millions of dollars for our city. He made us believe in our city again and made us believe that we could get past such a terrible thing. I wish I could thank JJ Watt, because when I was incapable of going home and helping to clean out people’s houses or give supplies to people in need, JJ Watt was making the world of difference for our people.

As well as JJ Watt fundraising millions of dollars, the Astros proved that nothing can hold Houston back. We freakin’ won the World Series… HOW HUGE!!!!!! Last night, April 3, the Astros had their Ring Ceremony to receive their rings for winning the World Series and oh my gosh was I hyped. We proved to everyone that Hurricane Harvey did not hold us back and did not damage us, but made us that much stronger.

I am so proud of my city and all that it has overcome in the past year alone.


Redeeming Love

I have never been much of a reader and have honestly never really been interested in books. However, this book was different. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is one of the most amazing books I have ever read in my life. I am not much of a person to read about biblical stories and usually have more interest in fiction and adventure and romantic books, but this literally has it all.

The story takes place during the Gold Rush in California and is a fiction story that is based off of the book of the Bible, Hosea. Basically the story follows a prostitute named Angel as she basically transforms from a bottled up, emotionless prostitute to a kind and caring woman. It is such a frustrating book as she continues to leave Michael Hosea, the man who God called to find this woman and marry her and save her from her desperation.

The reason I love this book is because it is a fiction book which is my favorite type of writing, but also provides insight into the Bible, which I am interested in. As well, the storyline is just so amazing and just so fascinating and the author truly writes the story in such an interesting way that truly does not make sense to me. She uses such language and writing that makes the story one that you cannot put down.

It’s a book that you cannot put down. It is well over 300 pages and I can guarantee that every time that I have read the book, I have finished it in less than a week, probably in just a few days. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in fiction as well as biblical stories.



Teacher Walkout

I am not from Oklahoma and truly I don’t know much about Oklahoma. I do not know it’s history and it’s culture and I am just now starting to get the hang of the cities and towns inside of it.. but something that I know about Oklahoma just from being here for only a little less than 9 months is the education system. I am not saying that necessarily all that I have heard has been negative– but honestly, most has.

From all of my friends who are from Oklahoma, they have told me straight up– if you are from Oklahoma City, you do not go to public school because of how bad the education system is.

They have also told me that this is not the teachers faults, but the fact that the government does not care enough to fund the education system. BUT THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GET IT. Education is so so extremely important in our society. It makes us the people who we are and allows us to expand our ideas and our intellectuality. Education is what makes a person who they are and allows them to create their own identity.

I think that what these teachers are doing is brave and strong and is something that I guarantee most people are saying “It’s about time” too. So although I cannot really have much of an opinion on the education of Oklahoma as I know so little, I think that what these teachers are doing takes guts– standing up to the government. This is by no means and easy task and it is one that takes drive.

I hope for the best for these teachers as well as all of the others that are protesting for more money for these teachers as well as promoting better education through Oklahoma.


It’s taken me awhile to come up with what to say on this blog post. Like way too long. And honestly, I think its because I cannot comprehend truly what is going on in this world and especially in this country. I am not pro guns but I am also not anti-guns. I am from Texas where basically anyone has a gun– my father had hundreds of guns and now, my stepfather has just as many– but you don’t see them killing people. When my father was alive, he used them for hunting, and my stepfather does the same. They do not use their guns maliciously and most people don’t either… it is just those people who in my opinion are not right in the mind.

Parkland being one of the most recent school shootings truly shook me. Once I saw the picture of the boy who caused all of these deaths and this travesty scared the heck out of me. He looked scary, he seemed insane. Overall, he did not look right. These people who use guns in a negative way are NOT OKAY.

I believe we have the right to bear arms and we have the right to do as we please, but once it gets to the point where people are murdering others– things start to go wrong.

Do not take our guns. This is stripping us of our freedoms. Land of the free? Home of the brave? Yes, we need to stop such travesties from happening again and more than they should, but it should not be that we take everyone’s guns away.

Honestly, I do not know enough about the politics of the situation and just politics in general, but, I do stand for freedom and I do stand for equality and especially that we should not have to fear for our lives in our own towns, our own schools.

School is a place of safety, it is where you find your passions (for the most part), it should not be a place where you possibly fear for your life.

Precautions need to come into play, and honestly, I do not know how it can be done. But something must be done.

Chapter 4 Review Questions

Question #5: Since I was little, I have been obsessed with my music. And I know that I can 100% attribute that to my dad. He was obsessed and exposed me to such bands as Aerosmith and ACDC and many other bands like those. But, thanks to my mom, I also gained a love for Country music and basically every genre of music.

However, since I got older and was exposed to the Internet and such things as Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, I have truly learned so much more about music and gained a new love for it. Originally, all I had were CDs that my mom had bought at the store or CDs that my dad had made that were compiled of all different songs.

Since the internet, my love for music has only grown as I have heard more and more songs that are all different kinds of genres. There are songs for all different kinds of moods that you are in, and I can tell you the truth, I listen to music 24/7– whether that is laying in bed, taking a shower, doing my homework, even just sitting there, I can guarantee I will be listening to music.

I have always exposed myself to all kinds of music and listen to music from all over the world! I can definitely attribute my love for music and my love for a wide range of music to the Internet and how it has enabled me to search for more music than just what is surrounding me.

If I Owned My Own Radio Station….

To be honest, I do not listen to the radio too often anymore. I am ALWAYS listening to Spotify… an app that allows you to create playlists with different genres and music. But, I occasionally catch myself listening to radio stations that talk about current international events– and that is about it.

If I could own my own radio station, I would then obviously have it be about current events and basically all of the things going on in the world. Truly, I do not know much about current events and I feel like this would be such an amazing way to keep up with things and be able to learn about the true issues that are in this world.

I believe that the radio would be a way to improve social and political discussions in the United States because there could be instances where you bring people from different life backgrounds, whether that be Democratic, Republican, a millionaire, a middle-class citizen, or even an extremely poor person, come onto the show and publicize their opinions on certain topics. When given different opinions, it is a strong way for listeners to be able to hear all kinds of opinions and beliefs, and then be able to make their decision after that. Radio discussions could also allow people to not judge based off of what they see in front of them, but instead, on reason.

And lastly, I would argue that broadcast radio is more favorable than Internet radio because broadcast radio can be reached by all people on a broad audience level, while internet radio appeals to people who choose to listen to that area. Broadcast keeps things open to all.