Mexico Day 1 – Saturday

We made it! After about 30 hours, we arrived in Morelos. We got detained at the border and the trailer got searched, but I guess our little group wasn’t too sketchy, so they let us across! Ah, it was so exciting to see all the kids again! They’ve all gotten so big and I can’t believe how much time has passed. 51 weeks–a lot can happen in that time. Nancy, Juan, and Siuri are no longer at the home and have gone to live with their older siblings, which is happy and sad at the same time. The six college girls on the trip–Madison, Kaley, Caitlin, Jackie, Shelby, and I–are all staying in Casa 4, an adorable little blue house in the center of the land. There’s no hot water, but there is air conditioning, there are walls, and the doors lock, so we have it better than most people in the city. This week my job is to help my mom and Rebecca, another lady from our church, help prepare meals for the kids! I love this job because I don’t really get to cook in my dorm, so I get to see the kids a lot and do something I love! Holy cow, I love these kids. They are precious, lovable, and so so fun, and it breaks my heart to think that they were unwanted or parentless. But praise the Lord for John and Paulina, the founders of the home and an incredible reminder of how Christ took us, broken and unwanted, and showed us that we are so so loved! Well, it’s time to go to bed. ¡Hasta mañana, México!

crossing the border nuestra casa (our house) jugando volibol (playing volleyball) jugando volibol (playing volleyball) el calle (the street)