Getting Sick in Daegu

So while in Korea I got really sick and had a few medical complications. Attached are pictures of a list of hospitals and clinics in Daegu. I found it pretty helpful when I was essentially dying and couldn’t use my brain. Also, know that if you go to any of these other than Fatima or Hyosung’s Women Hospital, you will need insurance and most likely have 3-4 people in the room with you during the appointment (translators, assistants, etc).

I personally recommend Fatima Clinic as the first place to go:

Address: 576-31, Sinam-dong, Dong-gu
Tel: 053-940-7114
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am to 12pm / 1:30pm to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 4 pm

*hours may be different*

The doctor’s English was good enough and you don’t need insurance. It was really cheap, close to the uni (walking distance), and the pharmacy is right next to the clinic.

If you want to see a gyno, check out Amanda’s post on this! I went to the Hyosung Women’s Hospital and it was great. The reception was nice but know there will be a translator in the room as well, in addition to the doctor and her 1-2 assistants. I called an made an appointment for my annual check up and it was pretty smooth. If you don’t have a Korean SIM, go to the Study Abroad office or ask to use any of your Korean friend’s phones to make the appointment! Walk-ins aren’t recommended.

I don’t recommend going to the KNU hospital because the wait takes forever, you need insurance, it’s far, takes forever, and to see a specialist it takes 3 weeks (if it’s an emergency). 



Pharmacies in Korea are pretty lax with the need for prescription for medicine. If you know what you need and ask, they’ll probably give it to you. If you need emergency contraceptives though, you will need a doctors note.

Yellow dust in the spring is also pretty intense (you can see it in waves), so try and wear a mask on the days of “high risk”. You’ll know it when it is a high risk day. There are masks with filters that you can buy next to the uni, and those are recommended.