Famous Last Words: I’m Almost There

It’s almost the end of the semester and I am so close to finishing everything up. The only problem? I’m running out of steam real fast. So I’m doing everything I can to channel my inner Tiana and make sure that

♫ There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now cause I’m almost there ♫

Yes I know, I am a bit of a nerd. But if Disney can get me through dead week and finals week then I’ll embrace my nerdiness to the max!

I know that everyone hits this point in the semester: you can see the finish line ahead of you, and you start trying to figure out what’s the minimum amount of work I can do and still finish? I don’t blame anyone, myself included, for it. We’ve all been working hard for the past 15 weeks and we want a break! I wish I had Tiana’s work ethic though, because I have goofed off almost all weekend.

Seriously, if procrastination was an art form then college students wouldn’t be nearly as broke as they are. I’m definitely not the worst offender, but there’s always room to improve (a lot of room, in my case). But all I can do is get better from here, and I’d say that writing this post is a step in the right direction! It’s school related and for class!

Honestly though, I think it’s really important for people in general, but college students especially, to learn to let go a little bit. So you failed that test, slept through your class, or forgot to turn in your assignment. The only thing you can do is acknowledge your mistake, learn from it, and don’t repeat it. Holding on to it will just do you more harm than good. As my friend Timone says, “You’ve gotta put the past behind you.” (Yes that was a Lion King reference, but is it wrong?)

Hakuna Matata my friends.

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Famous Last Words: Are We There Yet?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m currently relaxing at my parents house for Thanksgiving break and I can’t help but thinking, are we there yet? I get to this point every semester, where it seems like I’ve been taking the same classes for much longer than the three-ish months it has actually been. I’m ready for finals and I’m ready for a longer break with no homework! But I also know myself pretty well, and I know that about 5 minutes into Christmas break I’m going to get very bored and want the spring semester to begin.

I’ve enjoyed the classes I’ve taken this semester – Geography of Wine was particularly fun. But I’m also looking forward to getting back into my Chemical Engineering coursework in the spring. I feel like this semester, and last spring to an extent, were almost a vacation. I wasn’t taking any engineering or hard science classes and was instead working on my International Studies degree. But, since I want to go into medical research, it felt like I was taking a lot of classes for no reason. As difficult as they might be, I am happy to throw myself back into the Engineering grind.

But first I do have to finish this semester. I’ve already finished my Geography of Wine class, and I’m pretty close to ta king care of Mythology and Folklore. I think that all I have left in Model UN is one paper, and then the finals for Microeconomics and Microbiology. My microbiology lab also has two more assignments and and exam and lab practical. It’s not a ton, but it will sure keep me busy for the next couple weeks. I’m still aiming for that 4.0 GPA and as long as I study hard for my finals, I think I can do it! And then I’ll be that much closer to next semester!


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Famous Last Words: Procraftinating

Yup, you read that title right. ProCRAFTinating is something that I’m really good at, and it’s that time of the semester again. My friends made up that word to describe what I do every semester for the few weeks leading up to finals. I love crafting and I find it really relaxing, so it makes sense that toward finals I always find myself painting, sewing, or knitting. Or embroidering, like I did all weekend instead of homework or studying, which was really fun, even if my hand kind of aches from holding the needle for so long.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle, because once I’m done crafting I’m immediately swamped with the stress I had before, as well as additional stress because I just “wasted” so much time. But I love crafting so much! Sometimes I just need a break from homework and everything else to make something for myself or a friend! It’s hard to find a good balance. Taking time for myself is important, but so is school and my GPA. Which is more important? Should I prioritize one over the other?

The answer to that is “probably not.” I feel kind of like a pendulum that keeps swinging from one side to the other when I should be in the middle. On the bring side, the laws of motion say that the pendulum will loose momentum (due to drag and such) and will eventually come to rest in the center. And, until I find that wonderful balance, I’ll have some really awesome crafts to give all my friends!

Maybe I should allot myself a little time every day or every other day for crafting, so that I can de-stress without losing an entire weekend. It sound like a happy medium, if I can convince myself to stick to it! 🙂

Image: Personal photo of the craft I made this weekend

Famous Last Words: Just Keep Swimming

I did it! It is Sunday afternoon and I am not desperately trying to play catch up on all of my school work that should have been done this week. Why? Because I already did it! It feels so great to now have a tight ball of stress sitting in the pit of my stomach. If I can just keep this up for the rest of the semester I think I’ll make it through finals just fine. I’m a little nervous about Microbiology because I haven’t been applying myself properly. I definitely could be working harder. I’m also nervous about Geography of Wine, just because there is actually a lot of work that I still need to do for that class. But I am really enjoying this semester!

I’ve started getting ready for next semester and it is intimidating. Since I’m a dual degree student, I kind of bounce back and forth between taking engineering classes and international studies classes. Next semester though, it’s going to be all engineering all the time, which takes a certain level of perseverance. I know I can do it, but I’m trying to psyche myself up for it as much as possible now, rather than have a rude awakening later.

But, before I have to deal with next semester, I get to go on vacation. Ever since I studied abroad the first time, I’ve had such a strong case of wanderlust. The less I travel, the stronger it gets. So, over Christmas break I’m going to Seattle for a week with one of my close friends from high school (we’re still friends! Isn’t that awesome?). We’re going for no reason in particular, so it’s sure to be amazing. After that I’ll be heading to Houston for a weekend. I have two more trips planned, but they won’t happen until summer break. It’ll be a little something exciting to see me through the semester. I just have to remember to keep on going on!

Image: Just keep Swimming from Finding Nemo. Source: Giphy

Famous Last Words: Tomorrow Will be Kinder

For those of you wondering, yes the title of this post is a reference to a song by The Secret Sisters from the first Hunger Games soundtrack. Deal with it! 🙂

Why would I start with that you ask? Because that is something I tell myself every week. Next week will be better. And I somehow expect it to magically be true, when the only reliable way for next week to be better is if I change my behavior or change my attitude. So here I am, in front of the whole internet, promising to do so. I don’t want any more weeks where I watch work pile up (seriously, I have a mountain range to rival the Rockies) while I do absolutely nothing about it. That’s just plain unacceptable!

So next week will be better because I have decided to make it better. How will I do that? Well I’m glad you asked! First and foremost, I need to fix my on-again, off-again relationship with my planner. The two of us need to work it out. So I will be working on that tonight. Additionally, this weekend will be dedicated to homework. I plan to conquer those mountains I mentioned earlier, and maybe even get a little head start on next weeks work. Although, honestly, that may be too ambitious. Keeping realistic goals is one of the keys to success. But this is a great weekend to work on everything because it’s OU/Texas weekend! That means that all my friends left Norman to go home or go to the game, and I can work all weekend without distraction (because there’s no way I’m watching the game! Let’s be real – I hate football). Not that it’s my friends’ fault that they are distracting. I am definitely the one who choose to be distracted 100% of the time. But not anymore!

Image: The Hunger Games by Kendra Miller. Source: Flickr

Famous Last Words: I’ll do it in the Morning

This was a really rough week for me and I am 100% blaming the long weekend. I always look forward to breaks as a way to recharge and get ahead on some of my course work. But is that ever what happens? Of course not! I spend all of the break lazing around and then spend the next few days (weeks) feeling stressed and trying to catch up on the work that I was supposed to do. Forget about getting ahead at this point.

This long weekend was ever worse than most because it coincided with the release of Tower of Dawn, the seventh book in the Throne of Glass series that I have been anxiously awaiting since I finished book 6. So Labor Day on Monday plus new book on Tuesday equals very tired Margaret. When I am tired I don’t always make the best decisions. Case in point: convincing myself every day this week that I would go to sleep early, wake up early, and get some homework done. I’ll give you three guesses as to how that turned out for me. On the bright side I’m almost finished playing catch-up, and there are no long weekends or long awaited book releases in my near future. (But I am already counting down to Throne of Glass book 8 – coming to a bookstore near you in May 2018!)

So what did I learn from my famous last words this week? I should never be allowed to make decisions when it involves books. I also learned that everything is a work in progress. Just as soon as I start to get overconfident in my ability to keep up with the semester, I get buried under a figurative mountain of work and obligations. So I guess I learned something that I already know: I need to remember what my most important priories are, and stay flexible with the rest. I’ll get there eventually.

Also – I should totally get paid for all the advertising I do for Sarah J Maas‘ books! 🙂

Image: Stock photo of “To-do List.” Source: Pixabay