Mexico Day 4 – Tuesday

Holy cow. I’m exhausted, my feet hurt, and I smell like raw cow meat, but life is so great! Woke up late this morning and missed breakfast, but got to help mom and Rebecca in the kitchen for lunch until the butchered cow came. We cut and cut and cut at that cow for what felt like forever, served lunch in the middle of all the chaos, then cut cow some more. Then we ground it, cooked it, dehydrated it, and did it all over again. The whole process took about nine hours, but now the children’s home will have enough meat for a whole year! The weirdest part about the whole thing was that the cow was still warm on the inside, but it wasn’t too bad if you just looked at is as a very large anatomy lesson. Around late afternoon I ran to the market with Bud, who the kids call abuelo, my mom, and Rebecca to get some extra food. We got back, cooked dinner, did some extra thorough cow blood removal and cleaning, then headed back to take another cold shower and hit the hay. Hasta mañana, Mexico.

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