Partners or Pawns

This talk brought up a lot of questions for me as Dr. Derrick L.Cogburn explains how government officials use regular average joe citizens. By using them as pawns. Making laws or regulations where their input is mandatory and limiting what they can actually say or not even alerting citizens. They say they want effective participation in the cyber process however their actions say other wise. So organizations like WISI and Wigig . Even the UN has tried to develop more was to get the public involved. However there are many conferences that one must attend to do this. Most citizens do not have the luxury to attend all these conferences. Now the Wigig failed once a man named Snowden showed how the government was Spying on citizens invading their privacy.This entire speech was very fascinating I had no idea that their was so many entities. Cogburn explains many strategies to move from pawns to partners.One of them was to increase opportunity for a multi-stakeholder.

Relatos Salvajes

Relatos Salvjes is hands down the funniest movie I have ever seen. I really need that laugh. The only thing is now that my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. So the movie start out with this man trying to hit on a woman who needs help with her baggage. The woman is a model. So there talking and soon she mentions her ex boyfriend who thought he was a talented musician. The man chatting her up is the man that turned down her boyfriend from a job opportunity at his company . Once they say this an older woman stick her head up from behind the man seat to say she knows the models ex boyfriend also. She was his first grade teacher, she had him held back because he was not smart enough. Also on this plan is the man bullied the model ex boyfriend and the stuartist who turned him down. Next the Stuarist says finds out that the captain has been shot.All of a sudden they figure out that the models ex boyfriend is the culprit behind this and that he has gather all of his enemies throughout his life on the plane.Finally the plan takes off. Everyone rushes to the cockpit trying to shove the door open to get to him before he crashes the plane. The ex boyfriend now crashes the plane into his mom and dad sitting on their lawn. This may seem like a insane story and it is but I truly loved it. The movie continues on to anther insane cinerios hat are equally as funny.

Holiday cookies

Cookies Apple cider and hot chocolate are exactly what I need before heading into finals week. Uhhh I so stressed but this event was really fun. Not to be completely biased but my cookies were decorated the best hands down. But I did make a star cookie as well as a cookie that spelled out joy so I am pretty proud of myself .I have to say that the food channel makes doing this kind of stuff way to easy . As I decorted my cookie I meat a guy who wanted to be a meteorologists which is so cool. I got to meet a girl from Paraguay she explained that the weather hear is so much warmer and how pretty it is there. She also explained that Paraguayans do not like to be compared to Uruguayans or Argentinians. She said that they speak different and that to Never compare the two. I got that message loud and clear. Another exchange student I got to speak to was from Iran. Shes working on her PHD currently. Since weather is always my fall back icebreaker we too inter the discussion on weather. I learned that some places in Iran have all the seasons.

Niso game night

Game night with NISO was so much fun! Even though I came to win and I did not Like I lost every board game I played I still had a great time and got to meet students from all over.The first game I played was Clue. I do not know any eight year old playing that play this game . It was so hard to understand and we are all college student. The instructions were so complicated one student gave up after it took us so long to even get the game going. I meant a student from Jordan it was so cool and of course I asked very basic questions like how is the weather. But in my defense I actually wanted to know. He went on explaining the weather this led to another exchange student joining in to tell me she hated the weather in Oklahoma we all found this funny , and told her to wait until may rolled around. Back to clue so apparently we each get two characters and a weapon then based off the cards that give hints we are supposed to figure out who committed the crime. I was so confused to much brain power everyone kept rubbing their headee need less to say I will never play that game again.

Journey program kick off

It felt so weird being at the journey programs kick-off event. I can not believe that by next summer it will have actually been two years since I-went on the Peru. The Journey to peru Program really changed my life. I came back a completely different person. Im no longer a chem major which is crazy to believe I ever planned on being one now that my major is Anthropology. Being at the event made me want to go back to Peru. See Dr. Kenney slide show and hearing him explain all that the trip Intel’s. During the meeting before I was asked to give my insight on the trip , I spoke with a student really trying to sell her on the idea that the only program she should go on is the one to Peru. Once I gave my perspective on the Ou trip I basically told them how much of a narrow mind set I had before attending the trip and how Peru opened my eyes to see that there is more to the world than the United States. It was the first time I had ever been out of the country, been on a plane, or to the Amazon. The journey program kick off event brout back a lot of good memories.

Aid work

My twenty year plan graduate from OU with my Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. Get accepted to OU medical school graduate and do aid work in South America where I can practice my language skills. There is my plan so of course the lecture on aid work grabbed my attention. Once there I maid the right decision. Aid work, is something that I did want to go into after medical school since I went to Peru and volunteered. I feel that is where I am meant to go in life. However after going to this talk I feel as if everything has been put into a realistic perspective. This will not be a walk in the park and while the good will defiantly out way the bad I will face some obstacles. Aid work seems like I would defiantly have to get used to going with the flow since you can be put almost anywhere and face numerous amounts of challenges along the way. One of those challenge in particular that she spoke about was gender roles, which surprised me a little since I did not think those would be important while doing aid work. She said that with aid work women are judge harsher than males which took me by surprise since I thought we would be treated equally, however they are not and they had judged harsher for going out and partying than their male counterparts. This is all due to gender roles within our society and even though with learning this I still want to do it. She goes on later explain everything that this line of work will entail and discusses some of her own experences. I am really glad I went to the talk.


OU cousin’s bingo had to be the most exciting bingo game I had ever played in my adult life. Starting out we were told to take are seats as they began telling us what prizes we could win. I’m not a super competitive person but I really wanted to win a prize and it did not even matter which prize it was. Now I find it silly that I did not realize how universal bingo is. Now I know it is not a very complicated game but I was surprised to find out that my cousins had played it before and where very competitive during event. As we played more and more rounds the prizes seem to get better. Looking around the room you see many people hunched over there cards it reminded me when my grandmother used to take me to her bingo hall. The final round had to be the most competitive yet, since people where no longer talking as much but looking at their card as they waited for the speaker to call his number. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I wanted to win so badly. Half way through the final round the announcer ask how many people have a certain number of spaces left and this seemed to increase the anxiety level of my table. The false alarm bingos started going off and with everyone my tables heart seemed to stop. Which was so crazy because normally I’m okay with winning. We were all on pins and needles. At the end of the day none of us one anything but I think we had a pretty good time. We had pizza and ice cream so all in all it was a good day.


OU cousins this semester is set up differently compared to my first semester. Their seems to be an imbalance with the number of American verse exchange students. As we start filling out our names on the stickers I’m looking around to for any familiar faces. I ran into my friend Blake from gateway and he reassures me that I will find a cousin. They split us up into group girls and boys. We are all now in a huge circle. Let the games begin. Finding a OU cousin is sort of like speed dating you speak to about ten people and hope that you meet someone who you have something in common with. The two girls leading our group explained that we would be asked a series of questions and at the end we would find our cousin. I was very skeptical of this since I had played similar games during camps and found that I still had very little incommon with people. After a couple of rounds I was still had not found anyone I wanted to be cousins with. So before the next round I told myself I would find a cousin I still did not find a cousin, however I did start talking with a joking around with people. Whereas before I was just standing there. Through doing this for a couple more rounds I did get to meet a group of girls. There were three American girls including myself and three exchange students. We all decide to be cousins. One of girl was from Peru which I just visited last summer and we actually had a friend in common. Needless to say I had found my group and was excited to hang out with them this semester.

Full bright

The Fulbright session this afternoon was very informing and has defiantly left me wanting to apply. Once everyone went around the room and introduced themselves we got to the opportunity to here from a student who was just recently accepted. She will be teaching in Mexico. I thought that was so cool. So full bright is a program where seniors apply to do their own research or student teach abroad. Jaci let us know about the application time line which is very important to me since I have been known to procrastinate often.Jaci also told us about the website where you can go online and see what countries have to offer and if they take student teachers or researchers or both. She heavily advised not to play the numbers game. Jaci also discussed with us about what each job entails and gave us some research examples. Letting us know how to stand out in our application. Also on which topics to avoid. She told us that you want to show them that you need to study abroad to conduct your research. By now I am really nervous to even apply, but I still will it just seems so scary. I would like to go to a Spanish speaking country or Brazil since I am planning to pick up Portuguese. It would be nice to student teach although teaching English makes me nervous since I’m learning in my Spanish class that I’m not very good at it I will have to come up with some research ideas. Want to make sure which ever I choose I want to do it.However Jaci let us know that you can only choose one countries which is kind of scary to put all your eggs in one basket.

Where to next

Going into the information session for Brazil was really cool. From the pictures past students have really seemed to enjoy this study abroad experience. At the informational session I got to talk with the advisor who is over the program. For starters if I go on this trip I could live in a really nice apartment on the beach. Which is kind of funny since I cannot swim but I was really excited about that part, since I have never seen the Atlantic or been to the beach. Another thing that caught my attention was that they offer anthropology classes which is my major. Unfortunately there is no way I can take Spanish classes while I’m there. I looked at the pricing and while it is expensive it seems doable with planning. Attending the study abroad session today for OU in Rio de Janiero has me really considering going to Brazil for a semester. After meeting the professor and seeing the pictures I could really see myself going there. The only thing is what about Spanish. I’m already on my fourth class of Spanish with four more classes to go and I do not really want to get behind. While on the other hand I do want to pick up Portuguese and this would be my opportunity to do that. I really want to go to Brazil after this informational session, however I do not know if it is worth getting behind academically. UUH I’m so confused why I cannot just learn every language in a semester and travel the world for free.