Career Fairs

I love love love study career fairs. From the snacks to meeting new people it is such a fun time. At this career fair it was different than what I expected since there where groups that were nonprofits. I didn’t even know they did internships. One group in particular goes to Kenya. They do a wide range of community service work they take trips there all throughout the year. Another organization helps struggling families and there are located in NorthWest OkC. The lady gave me her information so I will hopefully be volunteering there next semester. I was also able to talk to a women who worked at OU, she helps people with their resumes. I explained to her that I’m interred in applying for a job on campus that requires a resume. I have never applied for a job that required a resume so I’m a little nervous. She explained to me that I had nothing to worry about and that I could stop by her office. She does mock interviews which I thought was so cool especially since I tend to freeze up when I get nervous. Also at the career fair I talked with a representative from the Peace corps after he explained everything I do see this as something I may want to do in the future, and guess what they have a site in Peru and other Latin and South American countries which means I’ll have some place to practice my Spanish. All in all I had a pretty good time at the career fair and look forward to attending more in the future.

Farsi Friday

Going into Farsi Friday I had no idea what to expect. I thought it was going to be like some of the panels I had been to but it was a lot of fun. The lady running the meeting is so funny I love her sense of humor . Also the other students who recently go to Farsi Friday are really nice as well. It was cool to see Farsi writing, I personally love that the right from left to right like how is that even possible . I really enjoyed this meeting.”Marjong” the lady running the Farsi meeting describe how they make the parties that we ate. Essently they are made up of a lot of butter and sugar. They were Delicious. At one point in the meeting “Marjong” began reviewing for the final with some of the Farsi students. I have never been so confused. Farsi looks very hard to understand, but they where doing as if they had been all there life. I had no idea how they understood what was on the board. I asked one of the student to translate for me. It’s funny because up until this point I thought Spanish was hard to read. “Marjong” also told of how Russia had some influence on the Farsi culture sense they brew tea the same. I found this interesting it crazy to how certain cultures can influence another culture. For example, the United States is a country that other cultures have heavily influenced. I will defiantly be revisiting Farsi Friday next semester.

Latin American

Going to the Latin American lunch was pretty cool. We met the Brazilizan writer Luiz Ruffato. He spoke in Portuguese and had another OU professor translate. I have never heard someone speak Portuguese. To me it sounded nothing like Spanish. I thought it was interesting how he describe how discrimination works in Brazil. Apparently there is discrimination between social classes not race. Ruffato said at one point during the lunching that wheat her you are black or white if you are poor you are treated the same. He also talked about his life and how he grew up very poor. He said that most writers in Bazil are from the upper middle class. He also said that people who are considered poor not know how to read.This seems to be a trend in South America. I heard the same thing about Peru’s lower income citizens. I hate that for them because if I’ve learned anything from my short years on this earth is that you are nothing with out an education. It’s completely unfair that these citizens are not receiving an equal education because there parents don’t make enough money. I know we face these sort of issues in the United States I just don’t understand how know has seemed to solve this problem it quite frustrating. When I was in Peru I hated seeing how over populated those classrooms were. How can a teacher properly teach if she has so many students that she can’t offer one on one help. There was a classroom with forty three year old to two teachers . That to me is ridiculous. So there is my rant. Ruffato defiantly gave me some insight to what it’s like growing up poor in Brazil. It’s almost impossible to move up the social class ladder.I enjoyed the Latin American lunching and hearing from Ruffato.

Foreign Polices Trump vs. Hilary

Now I don’t know a lot about foreign policies nor have I ever tried to pay much attention to them.However it was interesting hearing the panelist explain the difference between each side. Although since most of the things they spoke about I had never heard of the big policies I mostly payed attention to was there are polls that show which candidate other countries prefer. The panelist also explained why one candidate can be prefer by a country over another. For example, most South American countries prefer Hillary over Trump. It had a lot to do with her views toward feminism and equal rights. I also appreciated how respectful the panelist were when they spoke about each candidate with an equal amount of respect.Watching this election play out will definitely be interesting. It also seems on some things they agree on the same thing while on others one part seems to attack a policy based on the sole fact that their opponent had something to do with it. That’s politics for you. Also it was interesting to hear that Trump had the backing of China. Up until the panelist explained why they did not prefer Hilary, then it all made since. I thought it was cool how one panelist said Central and South American countries had some influence in this campaign. I would have thought they always did considering how close they are and how much we trade with them.The funniest part of the whole talk had to be about the wall Trump plans to build. One candidate said there are really concrete plans for it besides Trump planning to make Mexico pay for it. Every seem to get a good chuckle out of that.All in all I actually enjoyed the panel.

Our experiences

Meeting up with my fellow global engagement fellows who have either studied abroad in South America ,Spain or Latin America was pretty cool. We met at the Second wind lounge cafe.Hearing their hilarious stories about getting lost and the miscommunication between host families had me laughing so hard. One girl said that her host mom got mad at her because she was confused on the word the girl was saying. She said they sat at the dinner table for about twenty minutes trying to figure out what word she was saying. Turns out the word the girl was saying for scarf is only said in Mexico it has a different meaning in Spain. I shared my similar stories on living with my host families in Peru. After this a girl who went to Columbia began sharing her some of her stories while she was there. She was the for a couple of months working with a organization as an intern . She was able to stay with family while she stayed in Columbia . She gave me some helpful advice on learning Spanish. She said that it would be helpful to listen to music and watch TV in Spanish.She said that what would make the biggest difference in me improving my Spanish is studying abroad. This event also confirmed my thoughts on going back to South America for a longer period than a month.I was already planning on going on another abroad trip I just have no idea which country to choose she recommend Colombia , from her stories Columbia does seem like a cool place to visit.I guess we’ll see we I end up…………

Peruvian cuisine 🇦🇹

When it comes to trying new things especially food, I never work up the courage to it.However since I have been in Peru I have really been loving their cuisine.They have everything here.My classmates and I have made it a sort of promise to our selves to try as many different restraint as possible.So far we have only ate at every place once.I pretty proud of myself ,since back home I would never try new things. I even had so ceviche which is a very popular dish here in Peru.The ceviche was a wonderful dish,I was surprised because as the water sat down my plate I instantly did not wan to eat it.However once I tasted it I could not get enough I even finished my friends plate who ended up not liking the dish.Anther well known thing here is the luccuma fruit.Luccuma is devious as well I have had it as ice cream,juice, in cake,and as a yogurt. So you could say I’m a fan. When talking to my host family about where I could get luccuma in the states they told me it was only grown in Peru to their knowledge. So I have a task for myself when I get back home and that is to find luccuma. Lastly I have enjoyed fried plantains. The first time I had it plantains was with a seafood dish at this fancy country club along Mirafloes coast. I would say that they are better than French fries,like McDonald’s fries have nothing on fried plantains, plus there not as salty. Someone told me you can tell a lot about a country based on their food and if that’s true then Peru is an amazing place because the cousins here is fanominal.

Let’s get lost

Even though my title sounds crazy thats exactly what I did in Peru.Specifically the city of Lima.Liz,Isabela,Moriah and I all started out this journey in the surco district of Lima.After leaving Moriahs host families house we tried to find our way back to benavides in Miraflores district. This is where we start to wonder around for over two hours trying to remember the way we came,while looking at our Google,maps.Its dark outside at this time none of us know where we are and speak a very limited amount of Spanish. We are nervous to ask locals for help.Eventually we muster up the courage and ask a woman who points us in the right direction. A couple turns later we are headed along the right path. At this moment Moriah and Liz decide that we are no longer going the right way.Now I’m arguing with them ,telling them that this is the right way.Well long story short we end up back in surco at some printer shop where man helps us out and gives us a map. The map puts us back in the direction of benavides Miraflores. I was right along and instead of rubbing it end their faces I smiled and went with the flow, we eventually made it back to the miraflores district.I had a really good time getting lost with these girls and cherish the memories that we made by racing across busy streets and making several wrong turns.It was fun to not know where we were going. For the most part I felt safe I knew that we were together and eventually we would find our way.I would not change any of the events that went on that night I would make that wrong turn again and again for the experience I gained and the fact that I now know I, capable of finding my way.I can navigate on my own and don’t need my parents as much as I though I did.
– Lima Peru

STEM abroad

As a stem student I find myself constantly learning new thing about my major. I am majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I plan to attend medical school. I’m also going to Peru this summer. Before this symposium I had planned to study abroad my junior year for a semester in Spain. I really wanted to travel abroad at least two times in my college career. Little did I know that medical schools in the United States do not recognize science classes that are taken out of the states. This was news to me. In that moment I saw my plans go up in flames. I am currently a little behind on my classes and the only way I could study abroad is if I put off my sciences classes for a semester. Further pushing back my graduation date. As I had this little panic attack one of the panelist suggested that I study abroad earlier in my college career which I had already planned to do. However I really wanted to study abroad in Spain I am currently taking Spanish I would really like to become proficient in this language. So I am back at the planning stage currently looking into taking some course in the summer so I could study abroad that second time. On the brighter side this panel of stem students did give me reassurance on studying abroad and wanting to attend medical school. That both are doable you just have to plan it out and do your research. So back to the drawing board for me hopefully I can come up with new plan that fits in with my circumstances.

Social and Political Turbulance

The Addressing Social and Political Turbulence symposium was by far the most interesting for me of the day. The panelist discussed so much on their topic that I had never heard of. It was a very enlightening experience to learn about what has been going on globally in the terms of racism. What really stuck from this discussion was the racial conflict that was going on in France and how similar it is to the United States with Hispanic immigrants. For example they too have had a huge increase of people moving into their country which has upset the majority population. This has led to racial activity occurring. This is the same thing going on the United States, although the racial attacks seemed were more extreme in France. Both situations bole down to the same conclusion on how the current majority does not like that the number of the minority population is increasing beyond their numbers. After so many attacks of the minority that included racial jokes in newspapers quickly escalated to actual violence stemming from both sides. The French government called these attacks from the minority population terrorist attacks, however in my point of view it just looked like a violent civil rights movement. You can only discriminate against a group of people for so long before they get feed up and start fighting back against their oppressor. The government of France is to blame for these violent attacks because they allowed it to get this far. This was very unsettling for me because I can see that if the government does not get a hold of our immigration policy in the United States I can see us heading in the same direction as France in the future.

What to pack?

I will be going abroad this summer to Peru. One thing that I am very nervous about is very packing. I over packed for college and I’m only twenty minutes away from home. However as I was told that I would be packing my luggage around I decided that I would not be over packing for this trip. So at this seminar I asked previous students who had been abroad already on how they packed. I got a wide range of answers all very helpful. A couple of people told me that they packed a small duffel bag and their backpack and they were good. They of course where guys. One girl told me that she did indeed over pack for her trip only did not pack for the weather. So she advised me to check the weather before I pack. Another girl told me that she packed outfits that were interchangeable. That way she could mix and match, she also went on to a sort of rolling method you could do with your clothes so that everything would fit. She also advised me to again check the weather saying that it is a big indicator on what I will be packing. Taking all this information I got from this symposium I started looking into Peru and how they actual have two different climates, wet and dry, I will be visiting during their dry season. So I am basically advised to pack a mixture of things such as light jackets, pullovers and pants. I’m also supposed to pack shorts and hiking boots. I found this very helpful and look forward to packing.