Invasian (It’s an event…trust me)

Yes,I see the title and that’s the name of an event I promise. The whole point of this was well too celebrate Asian Music and culture and boy were the acts pretty darn choreographed as the groups singing and dancing were on point. I didn’t know who anyone was so these performances were more from a third party perspective.Although it was still fun and the visual effects were timed perfectly at times. But what I realized eventually  again was that well, I did know some of the people on stage just from facial recognition when I saw them on campus. This event showed me that people have many hidden and usually cool talents.


Indian Night

Well I guess I learned alot about tradition tonight while also learning I can dance but I already knew that. Anyway Indian Night was weird in the fact that I learned day of and it was mystifying when I saw everyone in there traditional clothes because they honestly looked pretty amazing especially the design as it was incredibly intricate. But back to the event, it was pretty fun it started off with me and a friend standing awkwardly around until some random people asked us to dance so that was completely new since they had to show us how to dance to certain songs. My friend was incorporating hip-hop and that was….. different.But it only continued as we ate and became pretty social and with the sun bright, the lighting in the ballroom was quaint naturally but the indoor lighting is what truly made the atmosphere.Overall that was the best aspect of the night since everyone was so happy and eager to talk it sort of felt like this is how everyone should feel in these type of events so I grabbed someone random sitting by herself and danced more most of the event until I had to study.


OU Cousins BBQ

So the semester’s back and my cousin is gone so I have no option but to simply go out and meet new friends through it since Coretin is in France(even though we still often talk) but by doing this I made Roberto my OU Cousin and the very first thing we did was eat due to this event  and it was pretty amazing I honestly can’t complain so far me and Roberto hang out with a common group of friends and it turns out we even like the same shows surprisingly. There is one way Roberto is different… body is massive compared to me in hindsight. He’s 6’2 and pure muscle making for pretty funny conversations about how he’s unnecessarily strong with our friends but yea the OU Cousins BBQ was fun and I met people who I didn’t even know were in OU Cousins. Normally I love pics but I literally forgot my phone in the dorm.


Until Next Time


Learning About Paseo….and My First Art Walk?

So I went to a small local/international event in Paseo,Oklahoma.The nervous but cool part of this adventure was that I truly didn’t know what to expect and to me that’s the best feeling in the world! So of course the first thing I stopped at was a thrift store which I slowly realized was for women but that’s when I noticed the type of fashion in this town would be random and for some reason it made me crave a little more variety but boy was I not prepared for all I saw because as soon I walked down the sidewalks you could hear all these different musicians playing all these cool tunes and it was cool in the end since they had so many different instruments. But the most vivid thing there had to be the art, it had a strong sense of personality and being while typically trying to have a sometimes not so overt meaning. Anyway this with the combination of clothes was a unique environment especially with all the random trinket shops that seemingly had the most random collections in the world but in a way that’s what made this trip unique. Long Story Short though me and my friends ate pizza soon thereafter. But here’s some random pics I snagged before my phone died.

Snapchat-2309073874961077435 Snapchat-1440698833814031020

Why you should listen to everyone around you?

So I recently watched a TED Talk about why you should listen to everyone around you and he brought good and valid points. We learn not only critically from hearing peoples accounts of their lives but also emphatically. We learned that  this allows for human growth in the mind and how to improve our socities by hearing a multitude of talkes not just use the danger of a single story that may show one opinion. The talk was pretty basic in the way it presented its argument about how why we should listen but I believe its necessary and incredibly reliaable because its gets the point across straightfoward about what we need to do. But the danger of everyones story around you could also lead one to believe only one thought if many of the stories are the same.This is why I believe the stressed need to travel is a big thing, not only internationally but also just state level to meet people with wholly different stories and beliefs allowing you to question what you belive and having a unique point of view on a situation. To me this embodies in a way the study abroad program at my university since its mainly about self exploration and learning to meet new  life needs and goals. Which is what college is really about in the end…. well that and learning stuff you’ll use in whatever career you hopefully choose, since you is crazy expensive for anyone.

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Careers and Engagements

So we were asked “How do you hope to incorporate your experiences as a Global Engagement Fellow into your future career? How much of an impact do you think it will make? What will you do to maximize its impact?”

I believe that by learning about different cultures that it’ll help me somewhat understand their ways of thinking and perhaps seem what drives their progressive attitudes in some areas. Also in the engineering field you may be required to do something out of country needing me to use my skills I learned as a fellow to do efficient work. Therefore, I think the only way to maximize my impact on the future is to learn as much as I can about foreign people and their cultures. Because in the end that will go a long way in just basic communication skills. This for enigineers goes a long way becasue it shows that we can work together efficiently.


November 19th Reflection…about my lovely video

The video project is going well and is completed I just had to edit it since I didn’t know we were allowing the class to view it so it was funny in my scramble to edit it.But on a lighter note I had more pictures of my friend Aaron than I thought which is always a good thing when you consider the fact that I’m making a video about him. Although I did have to re-record some stuff.


December 12th….a reflection

So for my reflection  I was asked “How do you feel it went (both in this class and overall?) What did you enjoy the most? The least? In what ways have you changed or grown since arriving at OU? How do you feel about that? What are your goals for next semester and the rest of your time at OU?”


Coming here it was interesting because the college environment is like studying abroad in the fact it allows you to become disillusioned in a certain culture. Firstly, I feel old all the time especially since I stay up all day studying or doing something for an organization. So I’m learning the mental and physical limits that a person can take and apparently mine are high compared to a lot of people which is pretty cool considering I’m tired of studying and officially passed out physically before I mentally collapsed which is weird I guess. When it comes to class I’m just trying to survive this semester because I know I can do way better next semester knowing what I know now. So if I can manage a B or A in all of my classes I’ll be extremely thankful. But when it comes to what I enjoyed most I guess it would be the fact in all the different people I met since it showed me that I also like to keep to myself when I become overwhelmed and I can compartmentalize things. I say I hated Chemistry with every fiber in my body since it was so tedious and pedantic on tests it was disgusting. But I have grown I would say in positive way since I associated with a lot of people and learned about what I liked and what I truly wanted to do with my life. Now my goals is to go out and accomplish so very stark goals that may seem like they’re overreaching but in actuality they’re my type of goals, oh and get pretty high grades for the remainder of my time here. Also I learned how kids can fall into the bad lifestyle of going out and partying every night, thanks to living on a co-ed floor. Finally, and possibly the greatest thing I discovered is the fact that I DIDN’T CHANGE MY MAJOR because I was right about what I wanted to do with my life coming into college from high school.


Future Semester Plans

So as Finals week approaches we see everyone sad and lonely about there tests. Its as though all our grades are crumbling like a building and we are helpless to stop them. Well what I have learned is that the best thing you can do for finals week is pay attention to everything before finals week. This may seem simple but it’ll actually make finals ten times easier.Think about it all you have to do is review material you already thoroughly know allowing  you to not stress and study easier. Well unless you cover new material in class but regardless, for future semester I also learned about how to study and doing other small stuff to improve your grades. So my best advice may be simple but it is to study hard leading up to the final so the final itself is nothing but just another test you have to take.


Economic Inequality….who knew it was bad

So today I watched a TED talk about How Economic Inequality affects negatively affect societies. Well while none of the information was new to me, I think it’s a interesting topic to talk about because it’s truly the elephant in the room. One spurred by bad economic choices and low tax rates…at least historically. But the real reason economic inequality affects our country negatively is because the wealth is not truly being circulated and in many ways its interesting why as there are many theories and small variables.  But one of the main topics he talks about is the income gap along with social class gap today. In his data he shows how the average well being is not dependent on economic growth but rather in a developed country on the economic gap. This not only has an effect on ability to purchase goods but also how it effects mental illness, prison, homicides, and most importantly education and social mobility. He uses simple correlation about how  wealth gaps  play maybe to big of a role in our culture