Cover vs. Original: “Periscope”

Today’s post is, as the title says, a comparison of a newly released cover to the original song. The song in question is “Periscope” by Papa Roach featuring Skylar Grey; the cover is by ÆLONIA, a new band consisting of husband and wife Jake and Inna Pitts.

Let’s start with the original:

The song is definitely a sonic change for the veteran rockers who first broke onto the scene in 2000 with “Last Resort”. This track is a soaring pop song about love, and is very well composed. It is definitely not my favorite P-Roach song by any means, but it’s nice enough, and Grey’s vocals compliment singer Jacoby Shaddix beautifully.

Now here’s the cover:

While the two versions are very similar, I prefer this one. It could possibly be that I’m biased toward Jake Pitts, seeing as he is a member of one of my all-time favorite bands, Black Veil Brides. However, I also enjoyed this cover because Jake’s wife Inna is also a beautiful singer, and I think their voices sound phenomenal together. I also enjoyed the use of acoustic guitar on this version, whereas the original is more synth-driven.

In conclusion, while both versions are decent, I personally prefer ÆLONIA’s take on the track.



Music Video Review: P!nk-“Beautiful Trauma”

Earlier this week, veteran pop songstress P!nk released the music video for the title track from her new album, Beautiful Trauma. The clip features a husband and wife (portrayed by P!nk and actor Channing Tatum) dancing around a colorful set consisting of various places such as a house and a bar. The song is about the fact that love is not easy, but being able to overcome hardships together helps make a relationship stronger. The cinematography of the video was well done, and the choreography was beautiful. My personal favorite part was when “Ginger Hart” caught “Fred Hart” trying on one of her dresses, then she puts on a suit and the two dance around the bedroom. I loved this part because it challenges gender roles, which P!nk has been known for doing, plus seeing Channing Tatum in a dress was amusing. Overall, it was a very well made video for a great song.

You can watch the video here: (warning: explicit language)

Peace, Lyssy

Music Spotlight: Palaye Royale “Mr. Doctor Man”

I just want to take a moment to share the music video for one of my favorite songs by a band that has very recently become one of my favorites. That band is Palaye Royale, and the song/video is “Mr. Doctor Man.” The track is taken from their 2016 debut album Boom Boom Room, Side A. The video shows the band performing in a type of circus funhouse-inspired venue, and plays off of the My Chemical Romance-inspired vibe that I feel from the song. It’s a very hip and edgy tune that is also reminiscent of multiple theatrical rock acts of the past. I could go on about why I Love Palaye Royale, but I dedicated an entire post to that last month. I hope they come to Oklahoma sometime in 2018(and not only for something like Rocklahoma…) so that I can see them live.

The video can be seen here:

Peace, Lyssy