The First Hello

Well, it’s been a month of school now, and I think I can finally say with certainty that I’m a college student now. There’s been a lot of changes over the past few months, a lot of adjustments to be made and a lot of realizations to have been had, but I feel like a college student now. Mind you, I’m just a freshman, so whether I truly am a college student yet could be up for debate, but that’s a different matter altogether.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make: I’m on my own, and from here on out, the only one who has control of the designs for my life is me. I’m calling my blog “A Life Under Construction” because in the next few years, I’ll be creating my own life and my own future. These are the years that will influence who I am for decades to come. I’m building my future, and as plans change as plans are apt to do, my building process will likewise continue to develop and change.

I suspect I’ll be building for the rest of my life.

Technically speaking, I created this blog to fulfill the requirements of the Global Engagement Fellowship I am a part of here at OU, but ideally, I’d like to do more than that. I want to record some of my life-building process, but I can’t make any promises or give you any expectations. The only thing I can guarantee is multiple posts about various international events and clubs, so at least there’s one thing to look forward to! I’m more or less makin

g the rest up as I go along. If you’ve decided to read a couple of posts or look at some photos, and you decide to stick around for a bit, everything on here will most likely be as unpredictable to you as it is to me.

Where would the fun be if we knew exactly where we’re going?