International Event #3: Mr and Miss Hispanic OU

I attended the Mr and Miss Hispanic OU Pageant on Saturday, April 22nd. At the parent, participants competed in several categories including talent, cultural presentation, formal wear, and an interview. The presentation was very interesting and culturally relevant. Much of the presentation, in fact, was in Spanish. The cultural presentations varied in composition. One competitor read a monologue about the struggles of not being a citizen of the United States. Other participants recited slam poetry, did a cultural dance, and presented photography from their home country. In the interview portion, the contestants were asked a single question. Most of the questions asked pertained to the struggle of the Hispanic population in America today. These questions addressed a variety of topics ranging from sexual assault in the Hispanic population, to the use of technology in today’s population.

All of the competitors were fantastic, however, the winners of the pageant were very deserving. They had clearly prepared and worked very hard to perfect their performances.

International Event #2: Career Benefits of Studying Abroad

I attended an informational session entitled the Career Benefits of Studying Abroad. This event was hosted by the Price College of Business. This was a very helpful session, as it explained how studying abroad is beneficial in the long-run and how to study abroad as a Business Major. This event made studying abroad seem much more realistic and gave me the opportunity to see several options that would help me advance in my business coursework and have a study abroad experience. The person giving the presentation noted on an opportunity at the University of Seville. There is a fantastic semester-long business program there. This is something that I am very interested in. In the seminar, the speaker also discussed how students that have studied abroad in college generally have a higher starting salary than their counterparts. How cool is that — I get to have the time of my life studying abroad AND get paid more for it??? Sign me up!

The African Doctor

This semester, my international group is the “Foreign Film Club.” This group has only had one meeting this far, although I am sure that another is on the horizon. The meeting took place on Thursday, February 23rd. There was pizza, and we watched the movie “The African Doctor.” Actually, correction, we did not get to watch the film. After about an hour of messing with several AV cords and brainstorming potential solutions, we were forced to quit. That, however, did not stop me! I went home and immediately watched the film. I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in the comedy-drama, as I was expecting it to be sad. The film is about a man from Africa who attends a French medical school. After being offered a prestigious job working as a personal doctor to the president, the doctor decides to take a job in a small village. Although his family is disappointed that they are living in such a small and rural area, he slowly becomes one of the best doctors in the region. I really enjoyed this film. It was a comedic take on a serious subject. The doctor, Dr. Zantoko, deals with a variety of issues, all of which he takes with a grain of salt. This keeps the movie very lighthearted, which was refreshing!


Today I attended the Latino Flavor event in the Union Ballroom! I had lots of fun and got to try new foods from several different countries. At the buffet, each food had the name of the food and the country that it was from. It was very interesting and I was so happy to have the opportunity to try foods from all over the world. I had a tamale, some queso blanco, and a delicious piece of tres leches cake. There were also some unique drink options, although I did not get to try them.

The event was very loud and exciting; there were performers on a stage throughout. While I was there, there was a performer singing traditional songs, including La Bomba. She was very impressive and had everyone on their feet and clapping!

I also got a really cool t-shirt. It says “Let’s give them something to TACO-bout.” How cute is that?


January 2017

BAM! Just like that and January is over! January threw a series of curveballs my way, yet somehow I came out happier and better than ever. As for my New Year’s (Month’s) Resolution? NAILED IT!

Have I gone to bed early for the past consecutive 31 nights? NOPE! Have I consistently tried to go to bed early, wake up with plenty of time to spare, and pay careful attention to the way my body and mind feel? YES! Do I consider this month’s resolution a success?? ABSOLUTELY!

I can’t wait to see what February holds. This month has been challenging, but I think that it was an encouraging and hopeful start to 2017.

I am beyond thankful for everything. The people in my life, the organizations in my life, the mere fact that I get the chance to be ALIVE. That’s incredible.

This is all.

About Me

Hello all! My name is Eva Sparks and I am so excited to be writing to you all on this brand new website of my very own! I didn’t know that a website domain name could ever make me feel this cool, but I’m totally nerding-out over it.

To give you a little bit of background on me, I am a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. In high school, I actively participated in competitive drama, debate, musical theatre, charity events, volunteer networks, and pre-professional organizations. I plan to keep up this involvement in college. I also enjoy traveling and learning new languages — I plan on studying abroad to Spain and potentially pursuing a Spanish major in addition to my (already decided) International Business major!

I have recently joined a Global Engagement Fellowship program at my University and have created this blog to document my experiences throughout this program. You might occasionally find other posts regarding college, TED Talks, language classes, yummy foods, my unique room mates, yoga, or just life in general!

I can’t wait to get blogging and fill this blank space up with some ~exciting~ content!

— Eva Sparks

Happy NYE!!

Me turning my head @ 2016. Bring it, 2017!!!

I think that I will start trying to write on this blog more. It seems like a good way to document my life and experiences and such.

This year, I decided to break up my resolutions and give myself one per month. This way, I’ll be able to focus on only one resolution, while continuously trying to achieve all of them. So in January, I will try to do all six of these resolutions, but I will only hold myself fully accountable for the one that I plan to focus on (to get more sleep). I have only created resolutions through May, so that I can adjust them in case this system does not work. I also want to choose words each month that will be my “motto” for the month. I’ll post updates about those words on here as well!

Wish me luck, here we go!! Also, if you know me personally, hold me accountable for all of these resolutions, hehe!!

January: Get more sleep and form healthy sleeping habits. This will help you stay alert in classes and have the energy to fully interact and experience all situations.

February: Work out 3 times a week, at least. You deserve to feel strong, healthy, and fabulous in your own body. So make it happen!!!!

March: Write in your journal or on your blog. You may want to reflect on these days later in the year or in life. Give yourself the opportunity to!

April: Find time to read for pleasure. This one may be tricky because it’s in such a busy time of the year. So perhaps the challenge for this month is to be gentle with yourself, and to not push yourself too unnecessarily hard. Find a good balance!

May: Take care of yourself. This month will hold finals and the beginning of your study abroad experiences. Make sure that you are fully experiencing all the opportunities that you are afforded, but do not run yourself down to the point that you are not able to enjoy them anymore. you can do this!!

This Semester is Almost Over (????)

YAY!!! I did the college thing!!! I feel like my first semester went very well overall and in this class. Although I don’t have my final grades in yet, I have pretty solid grades that I am proud of. I have also been involved in several organizations including Sooner Freshman Council, President’s Leadership Class, OU Cousins, Student Alumni Association, Dinner with a Dozen, The Big Event’s Operations Staff, and my sorority. I am looking forward to next semester and the following years. I know that it is waaaay too early to be looking forward to graduation and whatnot, but college and learning more about my major makes me so excited to graduate and start working in my field. Like I said, I know that I have many more things to look forward to before that, but nonetheless exciting! I really enjoying exploring the parts of campus and campus organizations that I was unfamiliar with, especially being from Norman. I really did not enjoy my math class, haha. I am so excited to continue prioritizing academics and getting involved on campus next semester and in the rest of my time at OU. I honestly did not expect to enjoy coming to OU this much. Boomer Sooner!


Digital Story Part 2

Holler, I have loved putting together my digital story. I ran into some trouble with finding pictures and whatnot, but I think it ended up coming together nicely. Working on my digital story was a welcome break from my more difficult homework. I think that Rachel’s lessons were very helpful in teaching me how to use that software. I think that I will use that in the future. I have used video editing software for many practical things throughout my high school career, and I am sure that the need for these videos will present itself in the upcoming years of college. Making my digital story made me remember how much I love video editing and putting video projects together. I am excited to see everyone else’s digital stories and share my own with the class!