2017 French Presidential Election

As if we already had enough elections. One of the most highly covered elections this past semester was the French presidential election. For the political nerd like me, I was able to discuss the elections with online friends who are more affected by it (i..e living in France, EU.) However, I was more surprised to see my fellow everyday Americans discussing about the French politics.

It feels weird knowing how much populism is affecting a majority of the Western democratic countries, but it feels much weirder to see casual Americans discussing about it. It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in our own political system alone. This is definitely one of the signs of an increasingly globalized community, where major events happening elsewhere is indeed a discussion point with our everyday neighbors.

My thoughts were on the side of those who have concerns with Marine Le Pen, but I was also preparing myself to not be shock if she wins because events like Brexit and the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections have demonstrated that any outcome is possible and likely. Overall, I was glad to see Macron win.

One thing that was coming up in my newsfeed was Macron’s address to American scientists, who were concern of the current events regarding the current administration’s plan to strip back funding and supporting for endeavors relating to climate change. It was smart of him to try to attract these disenfranchised scientists since renewable and sustainable energy are smart investments for any country to make. Whether or not we could see a brain drain as other countries are trying to woo American scientists would be an interesting event to cover.


Holiday Head Start 2016

My 3rd year at Holiday Head Start!

For those that are not familiar with HHS, it is the official philanthropy program of the Asian American Student Association at the University of Oklahoma. It’s goal is to provide a holiday meal and celebration to underprivileged families from the surrounding city. A major portion of the funding for this came from Asian Food Fair, AASA’s largest event on campus where it provides a venue of authentic  Asian cuisine from ethnic restaurants in a buffet-styled environment at an affordable price of ($5). Other fundings came from organizations such as Student Alumni Association, Student Government Association, College of Education, and restaurants nearby.

HHS Committee 2016

HHS Committee 2016

I’ve been doing this for three years. It alway brings me joy to see families having a pleasant experience knowing that they may not be able to have that during these harsh economic times. I’m also impressed by how much AASA does to the community overall; not only are they providing an experience for college students, but the profits derived from the food fair go straight to the philanthropy event, meaning AASA made no financial gains from any of this.

HHS Committee 2016

HHS Committee 2016

Overview of the event happening. I'm wearing a blue jacket!

Overview of the event happening. There’s me in the blue jacket!

Pictures with friends!

Me and my friends posing for a picture! ?

SGA Budgetary Committee Fall 2016

This past semester, I had the opportunity to serve on the Budgetary Committee of the Student Government Association at my university. The responsibility of the committee is to allocate funds from the student activities fees pool to student organizations.

After being exposed to so many incredible opportunities and student groups on campus, I feel it was important for me to go behind the scenes regarding the operations of the SGA Budgetary Committee. During the previous Spring semester, there was some shaken controversy regarding the bias the committee had against multicultural oriented organizations. That event caused friction between the organizations and SGA. Due to the emphasis of serving others, SGA administration had to reframed itself with policy changes concerning the issues the students had voiced. The primary changes was switching the application process to strictly an online form, creating auxiliary funding, and expanding organizations opportunities to apply for funding outside of primary funding, where a majority of the funding occurs during the school year.

I’m proud to be apart of a committee that makes so make incredible decisions on how to best serve others with the limited resources it had. While I was skeptical of some of the proposed changes, I feel more confident than ever after this past semester that the changes we had to make are the right ones.

I look forward to continuing that service next semester!