Colombia’s Protests

The protests going on in Colombia has taken international news in the last couple weeks. This all started because of unfair taxes that the country was going to impose to its citizens. They were going to negative impact the already struggling middle and lower class families. They took their voice to the streets and police didn’t no handle it appropriately. The police started usually unnecessary force and weapons to peaceful protestors. Once again it seems like police think they have this power over people because of a badge and a job title. You saw it in the US last summer and you are seeing it today in Colombia. This shows that something needs to be done when it comes to how police view themselves and how they are allowed to treat the citizens they are suppose to protect. The government needs to hold not just a few officers accountable but all. I hope their government realizes that it now is a lot more than just tax reform and just by making it go away doesn’t mean the problems that have come up in the last few weeks will also go away.

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The Crisis Happening in India Because of Covid-19

As the hope of a vaccine emerge in late 2020 the tragedy associated with Covid-19 was suppose to come to an end. There was suppose to be less death and less hospitalization, this is not the case in India. That is why is important to learn about the circumstances over there and help them in any way possible. Their government is just not doing what is best for their people. I don’t seem to understand if they are one of the top vaccine producers why they are not putting their people first instead of exporting them. It is also hard to trust that their cases were getting better since there was a shortage in covid tests so how the numbers are not as accurate as they should be. It is time for the government to start sending more tests to rural communities and to start focusing on its people. It is not the job of families members to find medical supplies. There shouldn’t be mass graves or crematories. I hope to see other world leaders take action and hold India’s government accountable for their crimes. Because every death is on their hand if they knew that covid wasn’t improving and their failure to protect their people.

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AlChE: International Organization

AlChE otherwise known as The American Institute of Chemical Engineers has a misleading name. Although it has American as part of its name is a global organization in over 100 different countries. You are able to attend different conference were you interact with people from all different backgrounds in order to build those connections. There’s also a variety of different cultures that are apart of this organization at OU which you are able to learn more about. This is important since a lot of these students are in your classes so you are building a connection stronger than just sitting next to each other in a lecture hall.


Closing Thoughts

In many ways, I have had a fortunate life thus far. As a child, I had the privilege of travelling the world early on by virtue of my parents’ multicultural background in addition to their own love for travel conferred upon me. Even before my father had a well-paying job, he would set aside funds for travel even at the cost of more durable luxuries as a nice television or the latest gaming console. Truthfully, in the moment, I had not really appreciated this as the allure of sitting at home playing games was far stronger than any wanderlust in the heart of my child self. Since then I, myself, have developed a love for travel and worldliness. It is only looking in hindsight that I appreciate those early experiences in speaking to my collogues who, even now in their adult life, have never had the opportunity to leave American soil. The lesson that GEF has taught me is that having experience abroad and around the world is an uncommon privilege not meant to be held over others. Knowledge of the world overseas is meant to be taken for the betterment of life back home and the encouragement of others to take the plunge if and when they can. The world has grown small and yet there are many who have yet to see it. It is now my goal to show others how they can see it for themselves.