Another Trip to Mexico !!

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Sometimes I forget that another country is just a half-day’s car ride away from where I live. During my semester in Italy, I thought it was a miracle that you could drive from one country to another, my brain not quite recognizing that essentially the same thing is possible here in Oklahoma. Sure, it’s not the most exciting car drive, but Mexico is a truly beautiful place.

This is my fourth spring break spent at Casa Hogar Getsemani, a children’s home in Morelos, Mexico, and each time I go I fall more and more in love with the people who live and work there. It’s an almost-idyllic place: pastel-painted houses, a mini-farm with ducks and chickens, children laughing and playing on the outdoor playground. It’s such a gift to be able to spend a week there each year, cooking meals for the kids and house parents and doing anything possible to lend an extra hand. It’s hard to put these kind of experiences into words, though, so I’ll include a few pictures to maybe give a little peek into the past week.

Perceptions and Misperceptions US/China Event

Today I went to this IAS event, and it was extremely interesting. I learned more about the US and China relations, and got better insight of how each country perceives one another. There are good things that come out of the US China relationship, such as trade, cooperation on cyber security, and events. There are also bad things within their relationship, such as distrust, suspicion, and threats. China’s perception of the U.S is that they are resistant towards China’s economic advances. The U.S also fears China’s rise; therefore, making efforts to block them. Overall, China is on the rise and the U.S fears this competition.


2018 IAS Symposium

This semester I went to the Annual Symposium for the Department of International & Area Studies. There were many guest speakers that lectured on one major theme: Global Cyber Trends. I specifically went to Shima Mohebbi’s presentation entitled “Interdependent Critical Infrastructures and Cyber Resilience: Opportunities and Challenges”. She made the important connection between how the infrastructure of a nation can be influenced by the cyber world. One of the many real-world applications of a cyberinfrastructure was a theoretical evacuation of a city. Without the helpful influence of a technologically inclined evacuation protocol, the rate at which the citizens left the city was significantly slower. But with the increase of cyberinfrastructure, there is an increased risk of cyber attacks, system failure, etc that could have serious effects on their citizens. While Mohebbi stressed the importance of cybersecurity in order to prevent these attacks, she most importantly emphasized that the threat of these attacks should not prevent a city or nation to limit their use of cyberinfrastructure. I agree with her point: a nation shouldn’t have to render their technological development just because an enemy of the state could hack into the system. It is the job of the state to protect their citizens and their information in the increasingly technologically dependent world. Instead of hindering the cyber influence in a state, build a cybersecurity system that can fight as many cyber threats as it can. 


AASA Music Night

This semester, I attended the AASA music night that was held in Beaird Lounge in the Union in collaboration with CAC Concert Series. I really like music, so when I heard about the event I thought it would be a cool way to support musicians who come from an Asian-American background. The event had food and performances from different Asian Americans performing very different things. While I was expecting pretty much everyone to sing, there were some more unique performances as well. The first performance was actually a saxophone player who played everything from popular saxophone songs like Careless Whisper to more modern songs, such as Drake’s Hotline Bling. The performance was very fun and had everyone laughing. The other performances included people singing and playing instruments like guitar and the piano. What I liked most about this event was that I was able to see the different talents that people of similar background to me have. There is an issue of Asian American representation, so going to events such as this one where Asian Americans have the opportunity to present themselves as normal, talented people is awesome and I hope there are more in the future.

Latino Flavor

This event was for three days during the beginning of the week. The first day the organization had brought out llamas for students to pet and look at. I had been walking with friends when we stopped by and was very curious to actually see a live llama. I have never seen one before that day and they were all very taller than I imagined. My friends and I were there for a good 20 minutes just enjoying looking at the animals. The next day I missed but heard a lot of good things about their fajita bar. However, I did go the last day and that was Latino flavor in the ballroom in the union. When I entered I was given five tickets and you place them in a cup in front of the food you wanted. This was a hard choice because they had so much food out that you could get. I got my food after I picked and then they had four Mexican drinks in pitchers. I got Horchata as my drink then went to sit down. Now that I wasn’t preoccupied by getting food I could finally hear the live music that they had.  On the stage they had a Mariachi band playing with four men and two women were all playing different instruments. Their outfits were a light blue color and they all matched except for their shoes. Which I liked how some of them were boots and others wore nice dress shoes. Overall, I really liked the experience and how well put together all the events were.


James XIV

When it was announced the David Boren would be stepping down from his role as the beloved president of the University of Oklahoma, there was every bit of the expected outcry from the student body. However, that initial rush of interest piqued quickly; very few of the OU students who expressed such dismay at DBo’s …