Getting Started in Heidelberg

Ok. So, I’ve now been in Heidelberg, Germany for three weeks. Getting used to everything/finding the things necessary to make me feel comfortable has been an interesting experience. First of all, the shopping in Heidelberg was difficult. The prices for basic things, such as pillows, sheets, were exorbitant, but necessary.  And having to pay thirty Euros for a small pillow was painful, but not as painful as sleeping without one.

The next big shock was, the split personality of Heidelberg. While in the Altstadt. (Old City) the buildings are beautiful and old, but, when I head home, the buildings become modern, and the skyline goes up. (Although, truth be told, Heidelberg is not a city of high-rises.) Every morning I drag myself out of bed, and attempt to prep myself for the four/five hours of German that I will be learning today. I get ready, leave my apartment, board the bus that takes me through the modern centre of Heidelberg, and then hop off when I arrive in the old town. From there, I walk across the beautiful bridge to my class, which is held in the Max Weber Haus. (Overlooking the Neckar River and the Heidelberg Castle.)

The final major acclimation to my life in Heidelberg, was the set-up of the university. I can be on one side of town for a history course, but then have to take thirty minute bus to my German class. Honestly, I don’t know if I will get used to that. At OU, all the classes are easily accessible. I can walk to each class, and not have to worry about bus schedules and distances.

All-in-all, Heidelberg has taken some time to get used to, but I can tell that I will enjoy my time here (:

Latin Dance Club

For one of my International Experiences, I chose to join the Latin Dance Club! It is lead by an OU Alumni and teaches both Salsa and Bachata styles of Dancing. Before joining this club, I had no dancing experience whatsoever, but I’ve felt that I’ve made good progress. During our classes, we are introduced to a wide variety of Latin music and a bit of history too as we learn how the moves originated. Although I like both styles, I have to admit I’m leaning more towards Bachata, if only because I trip less!

A night at LDC

Study Abroad Options

Earlier this September, I visited the Study Abroad Fair at the University of Oklahoma! I didn’t realize that there were so many different study abroad options until I travelled around the various tents set up on the South Oval. I was most interested in the OU in Puebla, Mexico tent. I talked to the head advisor, Loy Macari, about the multitude of opportunities in Puebla. I am planning on going to Puebla because I am currently a Spanish/PreMed major and I would definitely learn more Spanish being so immersed in a country like Mexico. And at the Puebla location, they allow students interested in medicine to shadow doctors and medical activities! OU in Puebla is the perfect study abroad program for me and I am so excited to go!